CAV Mono for sale *SOLD*

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2002 CAV GT40 monocoque. 10,000 miles. LeMans Blue on black. This is a very, very nice CAV mono which is fully sorted and runs and drives fantastic in all respects. Many upgrades and very well maintained. Price is firm, $59,500 obo (or bug off). That’s the price. Located in Seattle, Washington.

Detailed specs:

1. Engine and transaxle.
a. Ford Racing 302 with a 331 stroke kit. Very strong engine, no issues at all, runs great. Starts easily and accelerates smoothly like a freight train. Oil changed every 2,000 miles, Mobile 1.
b. Ford Racing tall rocker covers. Rockers are standard (non-roller) rockers but you can add roller rockers and not have to change the covers.
c. Upgraded custom poly engine mounts (standard rubber mounts just aren’t really up to the job).
d. Holley double pumper with K&N.
e. Mallory electronic ignition with max rpm limit (set to 5,750).
f. Kevko racing sump.
g. Bundle of snakes stainless exhaust ceramic coated (JetHot). This helps bring engine bay temps down to a very reasonable level.
h. Audi 016 upgraded with better gearing and LSD. New seals 2012. New master cylinder and slave cylinder 2012. Spare new slave cylinder.
i. Gearing is excellent, well -spaced, usable first gear, and geared to 173mph in fifth (5,750rpm). Relaxed 2,500 rpm cruising at 75mph in fifth.
j. LSD installed along with a strengthening plate kit. Excellent transaxle overall, well capable of handling this horsepower reliably.
k. Cable shifting, standard CAV, works very well with good feel. Nice light shifting.
l. Kennedy adapter plate.
m. New CV axles 2012.
n. Various items in the engine bay powder coated (such as the cross-over bar) for durability where originally just painted or poorly plated.
o. Fuel lines have all been replaced (in 2012) with new aircraft grade fuel lines made for fuel with ethanol content

2. Body and Interior and Cosmetics.
a. Lemans Blue with black leather, everything standard CAV spec. Paint is nice, a few small rock chips on the nose.
b. Body is the standard “medium hips” body.
c. Momo 13 inch wheel instead of the small CAV steering wheel. CAV wheel included.
d. Standard CAV A/C and heat.
e. Pedal box rebuilt and powder coated 2012 (CAV factory finish of the pedal box left something to be desired…)
f. Seats are the standard CAV leather seats, adjustable fore/aft. I am six foot two and I have no problem sitting in the car with some clearance between head and roof.
g. Body gaps and fits are all very good. All lights/gauges/etc. work perfectly.

3. Suspension and Other.
a. Fully upgraded and adjustable suspension.
b. CAV cast aluminum uprights upgraded to fabricated steel uprights sold through CAV Canada. If you are going to take a CAV on the track you should absolutely have these uprights. These uprights are a work of art, beautifully made and immensely strong. Improved geometry over the original cast uprights. Very expensive upgrade. Grade 8 fastenings used throughout.
c. Adjustable reverse lower A-arms in the rear from CAV Canada – a vast improvement over the stock original (non-adjustable). Being able to adjust track/toe in the rear is essential to getting a CAV to drive properly on the street and track – no bump steer whatsoever.
d. Powder coated front A-arms. The A-arms come in nickel plate originally and this nickel starts to pit after a few years. You don’t want corrosion in your A-arms. Powder coating is incredibly tough and durable, done in silver/grey.
e. Alignment set to 0 degree camber rear, 1 degree negative camber front, 1/8th toe rear, 1/8th toe (in) front, 5 degrees caster in front, 4 degrees caster rear. These settings result in a very friendly driving CAV on the street, no pulling or bump steer.
f. Wheels are the standard CAV 6-pin, 8 inch front, 10 inch rear. Tires are the original BFGoodriches in 225/50/15 front and 295/50/15 rear – hardly any wear at all on the tread, but these are 11 year old tires.
g. Optima RedTop battery, 2011.

4. History and Related.
a. Car was imported into the US in 2002 through New York and stayed in the care of a forum member in Georgia for the first four years of its life. I am the second owner. Always garaged in a heated garage and well cared for. Adult owned and driven, never been on the track.
b. No dents or dings. Title is clear.
c. Comes with some miscellaneous spare parts.
d. Comes with very nice knock off tool and 3’ bar.
e. Titled as a “1966 Ford Mark I”. With a 1966 title, in most states there is no emissions test or other complications. Collector plates on the car right now (no tab fees in Washington State….), and you can either keep these or get regular plates (no cost to switch).
f. This is a get-in-and-drive CAV. Unlike a new CAV which will need a bunch of teething problems sorted out before it’s really fully usable and reliable, this CAV is fully sorted and ready for weekend driving or your local car show. It is very clean and tidy, and a wonderful car in all respects.
g. I will help coordinate shipping and can get it loaded on the truck for you. Better yet, come by in person and enjoy the drive home.

It’s with some regret that I am selling the car, however, a couple new business projects are taking up a lot of my extra time. Between this and four kids, I just don’t get a chance to drive the car a whole lot lately, and I’d rather not have the car sitting. Please call Cliff at 425.891.4750 with questions or [email protected]. Please also feel free to post questions here and I will do my best to get back here and answer in detail. Thank you for looking.
Free ball cap with every GT40 purchase.


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Re: CAV Mono for sale

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Re: CAV Mono for sale

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Re: CAV Mono for sale

Very nice CAV at a what appears to be a very attractive price, good luck with the sale.


Randy V

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Re: CAV Mono for sale

Sorry to see your beautiful GT40 up for sale.. At the price, you should certainly have some interest!
Re: CAV Mono for sale

Sold to a very nice forum member in Michigan.

Thank you to Ron and for providing such a wonderful forum to transact such sales.

Ron Earp

Re: CAV Mono for sale

Hate to see you sell it Cliff. I hope you won't be leaving our community for good. Glad to see the car has found a good home.

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