Looking for KVA replicas info


I'm asking specialists like you to get info about the KVA replicas.

I saw a KVA replica for sale which is in the same condition as when it got out of the manufactory. There only the frame (type C), the bodywork (not painted) and the steering. It could be a very nice project but the problem is the invoice from KVA has been lost...

I saw a number on the front section of the bodywork which is 169. This number has apparently been printed on the "not painted" bodywork for decades. Does anyone know if this number has a relation with the invoice lost?

Because I found for another KVA the invoice number 170 which gives me a date of build in the factory of 1986. But this finished and painted in gulf colors so I don't know the number which was printed on the front section. So if there's a relation between the number on the front section and the invoice, I could prove the date of build to the authorities. In Switzerland if you can't prove the date of build of the frame, the car will have to fulfill the current regs for 2014 which is impossible...:sad:

A few months ago I posted about Swiss reg and I maybe found a way to have one approval. I know this is a tricky way but it could really help me.

Thank you in advance for your help,

I have a KVA - I believe it's a Mark I.

The bill of Sale (I brought the Kit from another guy) has a sale date of 3/30/96.

It is titled as a '65.

I also have a parts list with specs that's dated 6/1994 - the frame is listed among the parts!

I can't find any references to the numbers you refer to!

Hello John,

First thanks for your answer. Here are one photo of the number which is printed on the front section (number 169) and another photo of the bill when it has been bought at the factory (number 197 on the top right).

I know this invoice is not related to the car with the number 169 but it could help me.

I'd like to know if the number on the front section is the same of the number on the top right of the invoice. This could help me to prove the date of built of the KVA number 169 because if the invoice 197 has been payed in 1986, the car number 169 could only be built before. But this is only true if the number on the car is related to the number on the invoice...

I hope everything is clear, it's not easy to explain

Don't hesitate to ask for more details if it's not clear.




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Did KVA not stamp the chassis somewhere? I would be surprised if even back then chassis' were produced without some unique identifier stamped into them.

My"KVA" is actually an Integrity Coachworks out of FL, who purchased the rights from KVA as I understand, so perhaps not representative of a true UK KVA.

Hi all,

Attached is a piccie of the build plate on my chassis. I believe it came from a KVA chassis, circa 1983. The chassis was nothing like my current chassis.

If anyone can decipher the numbers, it would be greatly appreciated.



Hi Julian,

I heard that the KVA chassis were leaving the factory without a chassis number stamp but I'm very perplexed about it. It's weird that people should stamp their own chassis number ! It means that the same chassis number could be on several cars...

Hi Clive,
After some researches on the internet I found several build plate number but they don't look like yours... Here is an exemple of two of them : KCC GT40-026-87 and KCC GT40-026-87. As you see, they don't have the same order. I also found other chassis numbers which were much more like yours but I unfortunately not wrote them down... Sorry...:sad:

Do all these things suggest that the build plate numbers were not stamp at the factory? It seems odd to me but it seems to be so. Does anyone know more about the KVA chassis numbers?
Hi Aurelien and others, the KCC... numbers you listed are not KVA but most likely from the Kit Car Centre that made GT40 replicas in South Africa for a couple of years. I recognized the chassis numbers because I have Kit Car Centre GT40 replica number KCC045GT4088.

Mark Clapp
Hi Mark,
Thanks for your answer. It explains why I found totally different numbers for KVA replicas. But the cars were sold as KVA and evidently they are not.

I'm still looking for a solution to precisely date a KVA chassis without the invoice from the factory... The only thing I know is a number 169 on the front section of the bodywork. If someone knows something which could be helpful

edit: In my last post I gave 2 chassis numbers but they were the same, I made a mistake, sorry... Here is the second one : KCC 032 GT 4087

Ian Anderson

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My guess on that one would be
Chassis built for Kit Car Center which was in South Africa
Chassis number 37
Built in1987

But that is only a guess and would fall in line with similar numbering systems on other cars produced around that time

The company may have records if they still exist, these details are from a Cobra website

(Situated 5 kilometres from Johannesburg International Airport)
Our Postal Address:
PO BOX 2046
Our contact numbers: Telephone: International + 27-11-397-5220/1/2/3/4
Facsimile: International + 27-11-397-3823
e-mail: [email protected]


Hi Aurelien, I will take a look at the fiberglass that I purchased from KVA. Memory tells me that it had the number 128 on it. I placed my deposit on the KVA in December 1984. It was completed in early 1985. When I find my original invoice, I'll let you know if it matches the invoice number. I had the frame and body shipped to GTD and the frame was replaced with a GTD frame, so I can't look at that.

Do you need any of the information (parts list etc) from back then?