Looking for nice pictures of garages

And as it was much earlier in the SLC build...

Will invited me over to see his SLC about 4 years ago, and despite his SLC being just about the most amazing car I've seen up close outside of race cars at Simeone or Peterson museums (notwithstanding a gash in the splitter), I was blown away by his garage even more! I vaguely remember his wrenches having moulded storage components, and his labeling was absolutely comprehensive. It rivaled anything I've seen on TV, and I hope Will can recreate it at his new place.

Though my wife was bored by the dude talk, she loved Will's recommendation for our next stop which was Bull Run vineyard, just a few miles down the road.
just a corner :)


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Here is my new man cave . My SLC is still under construction at my old garage.


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