Looking for nice pictures of garages

Bill Kearley

Yes it is, sitting on my little hydro plane at a show in Vancouver. About 1967, I was a raging 16 year old. Should have been there !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I've met her a few times. One time at the SEMA show my girlfriend was going to take a picture of us together and while she was getting the camera out and ready to take the picture Linda started running her fingernails up and down my back and I didn't notice it until years later when I looked at the picture but she had given me a boner. "Mr Cobra" AKA Lynn Park is also a big fan of hers and knows her well.



Ed McClements

Although I was lucky enough to buy another garage down the road, I´ve still got some problem with garage space.
Looking for a solution since the Lola will have to be moved out of the current workshop.
Hi Marcus

Could we take a peek under the covers at some point? I am a massive Ducati fan - have owned them since my first 851, bought in 1992 (when they were quite the rarity).


I replaced the 851 with an 888


I then bought a 916, which I collected in April 1996, and its running-in occurred during a trip to Le Mans for the 24-hour motorcycle race. I still have this bike, and recently completed a total nut & bolt restoration...this is how bad it had got:-

It had been sitting in a mate's (damp!!) garage...I was so ashamed I took it apart, installed all new bearings into the cases

Shimmed the end-float on all the shafts

Painted it

Rebuilt the heads (from a 916SP)

Degreed the cams using offset Woodruff keys

Back in the frame


While I was building the 916 and needed something else to ride, I flew to the Netherlands (from UK) and rode back on an 851 I'd bought. Set off from Zwolle at noon one day, and was back home 24 hours and 1000km later...on a 23-year-old Ducati! There's a lot more to this story, involving an overnight stop in Amsterdam, strong Dutch beer, oversleeping, a faulty debit card, a hurried overseas bank transfer, a missed Rotterdam ferry and massive detour through Belgium and northern France to the Channel Tunnel...where I turned up unannounced. There were some tough questions about why I hadn't booked, and why I'd flown to the Netherlands and was returned via road...think they thought I was smuggling drugs or diamonds or something!

I had a rough idea how to get to Europoort / Rotterdam from Zwolle, but the detour needed maps or a Sat-Nav, and I had neither. But I did have a pen and paper:-

The following year I made the same trip, and bought a 996

This time I'd paid up-front, so no debit card problems, and a shorter route

Deserted dancefloor, pint of Stella and motorcycle race boots....what could go wrong?

My new bike on the ferry

I think that'll do for this (pic-heavy) post.


We built our shop building situated next to our house so it would be convenient. it is a two-story building with my shop and a guest suite on the first floor and the second floor loft has my wife's exercise and yoga area and her sewing table. The loft idea has worked out very well as we can both be working but still can talk back and forth. I mounted a pair of Klipsch La Scala speakers on the wall of the shop so they cover both the shop and the loft. Having some music playing makes it a more pleasant place to work.



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Zwolle is a very nice town, especially the old parts within the walls, I stayed there many a time.
The next time you visit, book at the Weintjes hotel, there was a great Scots bar downstairs when I was there.
Some history around that place.

Will Campbell

I am remiss in not showing some pictures of my old garage. I've moved, so much of it is in storage now, awaiting a new home. As it was recently:


Larry L.

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Three SL-Cs???!
Good on ya, Will! I wouldn't be able to chose which one to drive on any given day.
Now, there's a 'problem' I wouldn't mind having... ;-)
I just came across this thread. So I thought I would show my garage. In advance of ordering my SLC (I am currently eagerly waiting for it to be finished), I made a 1 car addition to my existing garage. My existing garage was originally built as a 2 car garage (at least the builder said it was a 2 car garage). However, you couldn't park 2 cars and open the doors in a meaningful way to get in and out. So I knocked out a wall and added a 1 car addition. The Lift was installed yesterday. You can see by my the paint choices that I am a HUGE Buckeyes fan. So I had a painful evening last night ...

On a brighter side...the garage is finished, ready and waiting for delivery of my SLC. I am eagerly waiting for Fran to finish the turnkey build....

Finally - I HIGHLY recommend the LED lights bars. I purchased mine on Amazon 6 8 foot LED light bars for $120. Amazingly bright light as you can see in the After pictures below.

Before - Pre-Construction2.jpg Before - Pre-wall removed2.jpg After - with floor finished2.jpg After - wide angle showing additional 1 car with floor finished2.jpg After - 1 car with Garage Lift.jpg