Lucas 608 Mirror Mounts

I am looking for a mirror mount for a Lucas 608 mirror. Jay Cushman supplies, but is incommunicado! Does anyone out there know where I can get hold of a suitable stainless steel mount?

Ron R.

New Member
Andrew Booth (charlie farley) may have one.

In the states, I think pathfinder motorsports may have one also.

Happy hunting.

Mike Drew

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FWIW I got mine on E-bay UK, several years ago.

I now own a Lucas rear view mirror, and an Aviaid oil pan. I just need a few more pieces and I'll have an entire GT40! :laugh:

Charlie Farley

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Thanks for the heads up Ron,
Just passed on my last one.

Ian, if you can wait, i'm having some more made.
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Private Message me your email address please.