Mazzei Formula 5 Rotor Turbo SLC

I don't think lower GC would result in a different optimal roll center location - CG is still above the roll center typically used on a high performance chassis. Sway bars would likely get softer for a given grip level.
Dave. It doesn't look like you clearanced the body so you remove the rear tires when the suspension is in droop. What is your plan?
This is one of the best things I've seen in a long time. I have 3 FD rx7's 1 with a 1jz built by Sound Performance and another with a 2jz that is being sent there for some updates.

Seeing your thread makes me want to revisit the concept of a rotary build in a FD.

Best of luck with your build. I'll be tracking it.


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One heck of a build! That nose structure is stout for sure.
Where your "coolers" are is where my AC condensers are, they freeze the evaporator :oops: