Mclaren F1 is still very quick.

Perhaps an interesting sidenote not known by many:
To take the Veyron to its maximum speed you first have to press a special button in the Veyron´s cockpit requesting an online clearance by VW via satellite. Upon receipt of the request, VW technicians first check whether you´ve stuck with the mandatory service intervals or not. These, among others, require you to completely chance wheels and tires for a brand new set every 10000 kilometers, setting you back 30.000 EUROS each time.
When everything is O.K., a satellite signal is being sent to the Veyron´s engine management releasing the last bit of horsepower.
What if you want to do it on a weekend when the 'techs' are at home? I saw on TopGear that you have to be stationary when pressing this button. What it does is alter some of the aerodynamic aids on the car and checks a few things like tyre pressures before allowing the car to exceed a preset capped speed. There was no mention of 'satellite links' to VW. Who would be paying for this link? Be a bugger if you wanted to do 240mph on Christmas day when all the techs are eating Turkey!
I don't know if the story about the button contacting the VW sateliites to get pre-authorization to go super fast is true or not but it sure sounds as cool as f*#k!