MDA GT40 Rebuild.

As regards rocker covers, the 'Ford Racing' brand was a nineties thing wasn't it. The Gulf double Le Mans winner has worn both Gurney Weslake & Gurney Eagle rocker covers. Currently it's in 1969 spec with Gurney Eagle covers sprayed satin black with just the words & platforms polished.

Regards Steve

I am very much into these and think its the way i need to go
Yes! Sorry for the lack of posts lately, a few family issues going on at the moment and struggling to find the time or want to crack on. I finished off the front section of panelling and have now decided to make the bonnet vent out of aluminium also.

Aligning body and shut gaps is definitely the worst bit so far. Struggling with getting these perfect which I know is going to frustrate me.

wider wheels from image should be here in the next couple of weeks to fill those perfectly made arches from Mick at SGT. Very impressed with the quality of his products.

Hopefully things settle down this end and I find some motivation to crack on at the pace I was.




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Sorry for the lack of updates, things have been a bit slow this end on the GT40 front. I had another project I needed to get finished for a show so my focus was on that.

This week the aluminium will be painted black and then the bodywork will be aligned and fitted in place. It’s then just a case of doing the loom and plumbing then interior. Does anyone know if it’s possible to fit the hash after the spider is in place? Considering making my own dash out of ally as I’m thinking about using the car for hill climbs so wanting to create a more purposeful dash and possibly a couple of painted carbon buckets.

The 15s have finally gone on the car with the Avon rubber. Really happy with how they look and how the car sits. Now just a case of finishing it!


Ed McClements

Oh, and I think that seats should be driver's choice....didn't Graham Hill ask for a "proper" racing seat to be fitted to Alan Mann XGT-2 for the start of the '66 race, as that was his preference? It's certainly there in the recent (albeit post-restoration) photos:-


and chassis 1079 has the barest minimum seat shell on the driver's side:-


Really pleased to see some progress updates on this one, I've been following with interest from the very start.

The new wheels look absolutely amazing!!! Are they bespoke offsets to suit the Southern arches or a 'stock' offset Image recommended? What are the final specs of the wheels & Avons?
Sorry for the delay again guys, lots going on this end.
Dash wise I plan to do something like this image. I have a bunch of aircraft switches and fuse blocks. I like that purposeful look. So it’s there to do a job rather than look pretty. So I will probably scrap the entire dash and create something out of aluminium. Seats are a tricky one as I don’t want to come away from what the car is and I want it to be period but I’d like them to hold you firm.


On the wheel front I went for a complete custom wheel. I did things backwards as to what I was recommended as I see more logic in having the wheels on the car and then fitting the arches to suit, that way I am able to get the gap to tire perfect, whatever perfect is. Stance is everything in a car to me, you can have a terrible looking car but if it’s sat right it can make so much difference. I’ll attach a picture of the wheel specs.

I’m definitely set on the paint being an old Ford gold colour. I remember my grandpa having an old Ford Granada in a similar colour. I think I have posted a picture of it however I will do so again. Ever since seeing the car I fell in love with the GT40 so I feel it’s only right to go for the colour that started the passion.

You’ll see in the images 4 latches. I had a friend make these for me as that’s how I plan to hinge the front and rear clam. Not sure how it will turn out however I am positive they will do the job.

for those that are interested, I finally finished my Supercharged Night Rod Special so added a picture of that. I’ve also been busy messing about with my GTC. I have a problem where I am unable to leave things alone.

Is my GT40 sitting too low at 36”


Mike Pass

On the height front I guess that if you can fit OK then no problem. The real issue is the ground clearance. The ground clearance you need will depend on where you are going to run the car. There should be no problem on tracks which are smooth. Many roads now have speed bumps which limit how low you can go. I am plagued by these damn things so run a minimum clearance of 4" which avoids graunching and holed sumps but a lower ride height would look better. I usually run one of the front wheels about 3/4 of the way across the speed bump for minimum impact.
On the seat front maybe make a seat with the lateral support you want and cover it with leather with the brass eyelets in for the "look". The Avon cr6zz have a friction coefficient of 1.33 so this will limit the lateral g force to 1.33g so the amount of lateral support needed is not too high compared to sticky slicks etc.
The car you show relating to your preference for a gold colour looks to me more like the Strathaven livery which was the original colour on 1078. It is actually a pale metallic green. One of my favourite liveries and I have been trying to get someone to paint their car with this scheme for years! Claude Nahum painted 1078 back to this colour a while back. There is a thread about it here -
Keep enjoying the toys
Hi all. Sorry I haven’t updated for quite some time. Work has taken priority and so the GT40 took the back seat for a while. However, intake has had a good clean, most of the plumbing has been done including fuel lines, brake lines, clutch etc, coils have been located in the battery trays so that you only see the lightening leads. Coolant system is in place, pedal box, cables etc etc.
The original dash was full of holes, switches, dials and lights that weren’t needed. They just made it look incredible busy and quite messy. To resolve this issue a couple of small aluminium plates tidied it up nicely.
Getting the original style shifter to fit was a bit of a nightmare, originally I was going to fix this to the side of the sill like in the original cars however that would have made it very uncomfortable to drive and quite dangerous if needing to get out of the car quickly. This being said I chose to drop it inside the sill.
Rear arches have been temporarily fitted and will be getting glassed on in the next week. From then on the bodywork will be prepped for colour.
The main thing to do is create a loom to run the Motec, fit the new Guerney rocker covers and add some fluids. Then hopefully turn the key.
I have entered the car into a classic car show in Guernsey on the 20th June so I am determined it will be done by then. Arriving on its own power.