MDA GT40 Rebuild.

I can see a pattern emerging....I'm really into bikes; here's my 916, one-owner-from-new (me) during the recent rebuild I did:-

And...parked-up at work after a sunny ride in.

Apologies for cluttering up your build thread with bikes!
No need to apologise. Stunning. Always wanted a 916 as a kid. Had a Panigale 1199S before the V4R and I was hooked.
Stunning bike. I may have to start a new thread.
Back to business. I have been working on the front “spare wheel” section in the front of the car. Trying to replicate what the original car had without making it look like an after thought is an absolute pain in the arse. Especially with the steering column on the MDA/GTR chassis being so bizarrely situated. I will enclose the little section that is stuck out and also replicate this on the other side.

I have started to rivet panels in place now, I have used the Dynamat foam product behind all panels and it’s really helped to reduce the “tinny” sound. Would really recommend this product. I have also decided to do away with the hand brake and have ordered an E-Stopp electric parking brake. They seem to be widely used in the states and I did think it would make stealing them car an absolutenightmare if you located the button out of sight.

Lastly I have almost finished the “spider” glass work. It had pretty much delaminated itself and the fixing mounts where joins to the chassis were almost non existent.

When I was looking to build a car from scratch (not from scratch but a monocoque from a well proven company) I was given the advice not to do so. I was told it would cause huge headaches, lots of stress and arguments and would probably cost a hell of a lot more than budgeted for. Basically all the things this “great example” of a GT40 has caused me.

If I can give any advice, do as you wish to do. If you don’t care how well a car has been put together and you’re happy to drive something around that’s “ok” but nothing more, then maybe a “completed” car is “ok” for you. However, if you have pride in your possessions, you like things to be as close to perfect as possible and you want your pride and joy to be safe, reliable and live on many generations - Build it yourself, from the start. Not like me - Don’t be like Jack.

Advice over

Ian Anderson

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I'm not sure the E Stopp will be acceptable for an MOT in the UK.
Has to be a separate system to the normal braking system.

I'm not sure the E Stopp will be acceptable for an MOT in the UK.
Has to be a separate system to the normal braking system.

Hi Ian

EStopp works on separate calipers to your primary ones. I have Lamborghini huracan parking brake calipers.

I also live in Guernsey so luckily no MOT here
Hi Guys

Thought I’d share a few more updates from this week. Finally created a “spare wheel well” that I am happy with. Decided to put some “lightening holes” in the top section and make use of the space to mount my fluid chambers. With steering racks being £120 new I decided to replace this before I rivet everything into place next week. I have created a service hatch to allow access to the steering rack and pedal box.

I believe that’s everything. Really starting to achieve that monocoque I was longing for.
Some pretty neat panel work going on there Jack. Very impressive
Thanks Andy, appreciate your words.
Looking forward to getting that window in position and getting her sat right. Struggling to line the spider up evenly against the ally scuttle/rear mounting pads and roll cage.
The final build up before a serious riveting session at the end of the week. I have attached dynamat on the back side of all aluminium to take the tinny sound out of it. It also helps with road noise and to reduce heat transfer. On the firewall I have double skinned this with a G1 embossed aluminium product which seems to be highly recommended by the US guys. It really should start to move forward now.

Ian Anderson

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if you can still get into the center tunnel, put heat protection in there.

the pipes will rediate a lot of heat into the cabin.

if you can still get into the center tunnel, put heat protection in there.

the pipes will rediate a lot of heat into the cabin.

Hi Ian
Thanks for the advice. I have run some of the dynamat foam down the tunnel. Its doubled skinned so luckily I managed to double it up. Fingers crossed it stays pretty cool in the cockpit.
Slowly slowly catch the monkey as my grandpa use to say. Seems irrelevant to be posting pictures of cars as the moment. I’ve been to the workshop once in the past 2 weeks and that was only for about a hour or so. Managed to sink a few rivets in that time and distract the mind.

Hope everyone is safe and well in this very uncertain time.