MDA history ?

Looked at a MDA built today.
Would like to find more about the MDA Replica.
i.e from which pedigree it was derivated ( KVA ? GTD ? other ?)
How is the suspension geometry of this cars ? Any experiences on setups and handling in track conditions ?
Chassis stabiliy ?


I am at a similar position to you in decision making process.

I bought Kit-Car magazine from April 2003. Gives a history of MDA in there.
I have heard there was a group test in Evo magazine in August of this year (Issue 107). Their website doesn't confirm if this is in there so before I order a back issue only to find nothing in there can anyone confirm/scan the article?
Mark Sibley is the owner of MDA and has an extensive history of GT40 build experience which were of the GTD type before going out on his own in 2001/2002. Mark has taken great strides to update and enhance the MDA product both mechanically and cosmetically over the years and offers many build component & turnkey options to choose from.

I would suggest contacting MDA directly for specific questions and/or review current build logs on this website for further information.

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If you are interested in GTD derivatives, you will need to look at Southern GT.
This has the GTD chassis, developed and modified to include lowered engine, steering rack in the proper place to eliminate bump steer, built-in roll cage and a whole host of other modifications.
It is arguably the best space frame chassis currently available and has received some very good reports.
No personal interest.

Tony Hunt
Before you make a statement about's Mick's chassis like that, you might want to contact him and get a few facts straight first. I won't disagree with you that, in my opinion, it is probably the best spaceframe on the market at the moment that I have seen, but Mick has toiled long and hard on the chassis design...


I suggest that both MDA and Southern GT have made major improvements over the old GTD chassis. How good they are compared to eachother, I don't know. There will be owners of both who can give you some insight, but the best thing you can do is contact both manufacturers and talk through all your questions directly with them.
My personal choice was an MDA but I don't want to get on a soap box as I know very little about Southern GT so it's not a fair comparison.
Good luck with your homework.

Mike Pass

The Evo magazine test day at Oulton Park had an original road Mk3 owned by Ford MC, a Ray Mallock GT40 (Chris Notley's car), a well developed GTD (Martin Wiegold's car) and a modern Ford GT. There were no MDAs or Southern GTs present so it unfortunately the article won't help you to decide between them. I have seen both and would suggest you talk to both Mark Sibley of MDA and Mick Sollis of Southern GT and have a good look at both cars, talk to owners and ensure you understand the options (not simple) and make sure you get what you really want from your car.


My car, that was tested in the Evo article, is indeed a very developed GTD that has the Southern GT rear chassis, but with Wealden Engineering's suspension setup.
Before you make a statement about's Mick's chassis like that, you might want to contact him and get a few facts straight first.


I have contacted Mick and I did get my facts straight; I speak from having visited Mick's works personally and seen the chassis for myself.
I said arguably the best space frame chassis. OK, you have a Roy Smart chassis.................

Tony Hunt
The MDA was seriously updated in early 2006 I think into the series II chassis (not to be confused with the Mk.II bodywork :) ). I think Jim and Alistair are building some of the final series Is to be made, Chris, Stephen, Martin and myself have the series II cars. Even through this year there have been several improvements to the chassis that possibly you will only see on Martin's car on here.

If you want a chat at any time please feel free to give me a call (pm me for mobile number or drop me an email through my build site) MDA GT40 Mk.II - Craig's build site I am building Mk.II car but most of the car is the same for the Mk.Is (apart from the obvious body and rear clip support).
THanks for all your input.
I agree Southern Gt makes a nice chassis. Especially the alupanelling is nicely done. Will contact them.
From what i saw on the website i assume they mainly serve the racers community, because the kit package ( if you could call it this way) doesn´t seem to be very refined. Also information is few ( But this is true to most of the GT 40 suppliers, just compare there websites to the one of FFR, but also this has nothing to do with the kit quality, it would just help to inform possible interested ones better).
For MDA: I probably could face the chance to buy a car in build progress. it was delivered in 2003/2004 , so probably it is one of the series I chassis. The feedback i received from the builder is mixed ( Chassis ++, Body --, quality +-. service -) but nevertheless it is just afascinating car and i would like to get more infos from the ones, the have their car already on the road.


If you want to see the RCR aluminium mono GT40 then just let me know I am in East Anglia 70 miles from London.
The RCR is the only GT40 with an original body



Hi Tom,

I could not resist!

Tornado Sports Cars has been in business for 22 years.

The TS40 has been in full uninterrupted production and development for 18 years.

I am building chassis #875!

ALL the required components to build a complete car are available from TSC.

"A GT40 in a box", if you want!

We even sell parts to help people complete other mfg's. cars!

We can provide all the goodies for racing your heart may desire.

Why buy an obsolete product, redone by another manufacturer, when you can have an original product built by a well established manufacturer?

TSC has seen GT40 replica mfg's. come and go and come again, but we will still be here quietly building TS40's while others fade away.

Best regards,
I have contacted Mick and I did get my facts straight; I speak from having visited Mick's works personally and seen the chassis for myself.
I said arguably the best space frame chassis. OK, you have a Roy Smart chassis.................

Tony Hunt

Sorry for the thread drift, but Tony what are you trying to infer? I didn't say that my chassis was better than Mick's, and if you actually bothered to check you would find that the back half of my chassis is now Southern GT...

I was meaning by your statements that Mick has designed a lot of that chassis from fresh. OK some datum points may be similar to that of the GTD, but then so will a lot of cars be similar due to the fact that ultimately in my mind all the manufacturers are trying to recreate the same car, some things will be similar.

Personally, I don't have an any issues with the MDA Mk I body/chassis (they're were/are very good in my opinion) however the Mk II's bodywork that came over from the USA in the summer of 2007 to MDA as their new base for all other Mk II builds, have the details in place and all else from that original bodywork to make for a an excellent product. Other MDA MK II owners can vouch for that product.

In this day and age, it shouldn't be news that there are other companies like MDA going for more originality of their GT40 product in body, chassis and everything in between.

Hello guys,

I find the only true source of information for any GT40 product is to talk directly to the manufacturers themselves. There are customers with kind words and in truth most are biased towards the particular car they are building.

MDA have made more changes to its chassis and suspension design than most other companies have over the last three years. We operate a constant improvement policy, hence the change from series one chassis to the later series two. Certainly in the 8 years I was at GTD, there were few changes to the actual product itself, the rear braking went from Drum to solid disc, then to vented. The gearbox went from Renault 30 to Renault 21 turbo, and the GTD Version of a Mark two came in the early 1990s. Other than that, the core car did not change from its original concept. Much later customers have developed their cars a long way further or paid others to do it for them.

MDA have been driven by the customer and feedback. We didnt always get it right first time and we keep going until we did. Moving on the to the more original rear GT40 uprights ment a large change to the whole chassis and geometry. This is our best handling car yet and certainly the most correct driving GT40 replica I have ever driven (and that is more than some people realise.)

MDA have managed to put 7 cars on the road this year. Five more customers cars went on the road between September last year and June this year. From the early chassis cars, all but five are now on the road to meet full European regulations via SVA testing. We are looking forward to next year when there will be a few more MDA cars to see working to make more accurate comparisons to other makes.

Thanks to Craig, Steve, Chris M, Martin P, John, Chris H, Martin F, Andy and many others who have chosen MDA products we know you made the right choice and for your continuing support and enthusiasm.

My advice to others looking to buy, do your homework; Will the car meet your requirements, meet the regulations for the country it is to be used in, have full E marking for all necessary equipment (lights, mirrors, glass etc) And have the know how to apply the correct items for the testing for Europe.

The major choice now is Mono design or Space frame. Again do your homework its your choice and the end of the day. There are now emissions controls in many countries, does your country require fuel injection and cats? We work to the standards required by SVA, SFRO (Sweden), TUV and RDA (Holland). Its to be noted that we have cars in all of those countries as well as Brazil, Italy, Belguim, Canada, USA, Spain, Germany, France and the UK. We offer both Right and left hand cars with either centre or side shift gears.

Its a large community of GT40 enthusiasts out there, not all agree on the sames things, but we all the like the same car. If anyone wants further information or to comment on what I have said above, please email me directly though I think its fair.

Best regards to all