Michael's GT-R Build

Michael Hampson

I've been working on the air box and intake plenum. I squished a 5" 6061 aluminum tube (0.060 wall) for the intake and cut some pie pieces to make the plenum, and the air box is made from 3003 1/8" aluminum (was thinking I would need to bend it - and will, for the top cover at least). I had to modify the upper crossmember so the angle of the intake plenum wasn't too drastic.

The top cover will be 1/16" and will have 1/2" flanges around it to fit around the box, and will be gasketed. There will be holes in the left and right of the top to pull in air, probably through the wheel well and to the upper vents, but maybe the side vents, which would perhaps be a little easier to get to. Not sure yet.

I am getting very close to adding some oil and cranking it up.
2020-10-25 10.22.58.jpg
2020-11-09 21.11.10.jpg
2020-11-10 17.18.35.jpg
2020-11-10 17.45.05.jpg
2020-11-10 19.23.41.jpg
2020-11-14 12.49.43.jpg