Michael's GT-R Build

Michael Hampson

Then, a longer project. I didn't know if I could get fog lamp lenses, so I planned ahead. Before I cut out the lens holes, I made a mold of the area with fiberglass, which created a reverse image. I don't know why I didn't just use the plugs I cut out to make the holes, but I do remember cutting up the plugs pretty bad as I cut them out. Anyway, I then made positive images from the negatives, cleaned and sanded them, including gel coating and finish sanding, then thermoformed a few lenses. I must say they turned out terrific. I can make more if anyone is interested. However, they are a pretty specific size, so you'd need to cut the holes using the lenses as templates to make them perfect. I used H's fog lamp buckets.

Reverse-image molds:
2021-07-10 13.28.41.jpg

Making a positive image mold from the negatives:

2021-07-18 10.09.49.jpg

Positive images getting cleaned up:
2021-07-25 09.40.20.jpg

Gel coated and ready for final sanding and hot plastic:
2021-08-08 11.42.26.jpg

Professional drape thermoforming setup:
2021-08-16 14.28.58.jpg

Finished product turned out perfect. How in the hell do you take a photo of something clear?!??
2021-08-16 21.32.20.jpg

2021-08-16 21.32.44.jpg

Michael Hampson

Made the doodads that anchor the top of the door to the body. Don't know what those are called...

Anyway, didn't think I would be able to find the real thing. I realized later after looking at photos that I was supposed to put three mounting holes in it instead of just two. I'll probably leave as-is unless I decide later to fill and re-drill.

Anyway, I thought they turned out pretty good for a hack machinist.

2021-08-26 13.12.21.jpg
2021-08-26 14.58.29.jpg
2021-08-27 08.13.45.jpg