Michael's GT-R Build

This is a fantastic thread mate, your doing a great job posting up photos and info too. I wanted to build a GT40 but then I discovered the GTR.... and that was it. Hoping to find one this year and start my build while I race my other car, then race the GTR eventually. Good luck with everything mate

Michael Hampson

I haven't posted in a while, but I have been doing a bunch of wiring. That's my expertise (at least in the industrial manufacturing realm) so I am having fun.

Got the front half of the car completely wired. I don't have turn signals yet, but the wires are hanging and ready to connect. Used a Weather Pack 22-pin bulkhead to get the wires through the firewall, and bought a box of Weather Pack 2 ,3, and 4-pin connectors, pins, etc. to connect various components to the new harness.

2020-05-29 20.06.37.jpg
2020-05-23 15.37.24.jpg

The back half wiring is done, and the engine and ECU is wired.

The interior of the car, however, looks as if a wire factory had an unfortunate explosion. Working hard on that next, but first, I plan to get the clutch line completed to the transmission, and plumb up the transmission oil cooler I bought.

Then I'll get the struts on the clamshell installed, and latches installed.

The exhaust has me a bit worried and intimidated. I am considering having H do that for me. I'm not sure yet.