Michael's GT-R Build

This is a fantastic thread mate, your doing a great job posting up photos and info too. I wanted to build a GT40 but then I discovered the GTR.... and that was it. Hoping to find one this year and start my build while I race my other car, then race the GTR eventually. Good luck with everything mate

Michael Hampson

I haven't posted in a while, but I have been doing a bunch of wiring. That's my expertise (at least in the industrial manufacturing realm) so I am having fun.

Got the front half of the car completely wired. I don't have turn signals yet, but the wires are hanging and ready to connect. Used a Weather Pack 22-pin bulkhead to get the wires through the firewall, and bought a box of Weather Pack 2 ,3, and 4-pin connectors, pins, etc. to connect various components to the new harness.

2020-05-29 20.06.37.jpg
2020-05-23 15.37.24.jpg

The back half wiring is done, and the engine and ECU is wired.

The interior of the car, however, looks as if a wire factory had an unfortunate explosion. Working hard on that next, but first, I plan to get the clutch line completed to the transmission, and plumb up the transmission oil cooler I bought.

Then I'll get the struts on the clamshell installed, and latches installed.

The exhaust has me a bit worried and intimidated. I am considering having H do that for me. I'm not sure yet.

Michael Hampson

Again, I am slacking big time in visiting the forum and posting updates. I have been knee deep in wiring these past few weeks. I completed all of the wiring in the front of the car. Then I tackled the back, and got that completed (forgot the license plate light, but will add. Then, when I looked in the middle, it looked like a noodle factory exploded. So that was next. I think I am done with all excluding the following: Stuff I forgot, fuel pump, tank sending unit, and engine sensors (oil pressure/temp, water temp, and tach). Except for creature comforts, like interior lights and audio, I am good.

I am not sure yet where to add the pressure/temp sensors and the tach wire. Might have to ask for some advice there.

2020-06-27 16.07.44.jpg

2020-07-12 12.09.22.jpg

2020-07-12 12.29.24.jpg

2020-07-17 23.22.11.jpg

Michael Hampson

Wiring is mainly done. Also just finished up adding gas struts to the rear clam shell. Worked out great! 70lb struts were probably 20lb stronger than needed, but they work great.
2020-08-27 18.47.12.jpg
2020-08-27 18.47.31.jpg
2020-08-27 18.47.36.jpg

Michael Hampson

Bumper is on. Needed it to see how far the exhaust tips stick out. I am trying to get the exhaust system worked out. I am not a great fabricator... just learning. I had to draw up the pipe from the headers to the cat because with all of the odd angles, I would never have been able to figure it out. Now, at lease theoretically, all the angles will be right. We'll see. Have you heard "trying to put 10 lbs of crap into a 5 lb bucket"? That's what I am faced with.
2020-08-16 13.51.08.jpg
2020-08-24 18.18.07.jpg
Mike one thing to remember is put your rear alum under car air spoiler in a position you like and then start building your exhaust the mufflers tend to take up some room

Michael Hampson

Well, this is a dang work of art. I am very happy with the results. But, I will say, it was exhausting!!! (Pun intended). I learned a LOT.

I have to adjust the right side just a hair, to center the tip better in the bezel. I think a piece moved just a hair before welding, and it's off 1/4" or so. Once I do that, I will weld some brackets near the tips and at the resonators to anchor it all in place.

I also need to weld up the cuts in the frame, which I will do after the motor is out for the last time. I have some wiring and oil lines now too that will need to be moved or face being melted. I will need to put some heat shielding in some places too. The work is endless!

Now on to the intake. I think I will rebuild the upper welded crossmember so that the bar doesn't go right across where the intake needs to be.

2020-10-22 18.30.27.jpg

2020-10-22 18.49.56.jpg

2020-10-22 18.50.10.jpg

2020-10-22 18.50.28.jpg

2020-10-22 18.50.56.jpg

2020-10-22 18.52.53.jpg
Mike did you trail fit the under frame air diffuser I would because it looks like your two elbows may be in the way of the diffuser sitting in the Right position just a thought