Mk.1 twin rear light

In the process of acquiring a slightly damaged Mk.1 rear clip with the typical single rear lights fitted.
As I need to repair / fettle anyway I thought that going for the twin rear lights might be an interesting alternative.

In the last couple of years there was a UK supplier of these fibreglass light pods but they now seem to have vanished.
Does anyone know if they can still be purchased.
I'm hoping it wasn't GT Forte that was the supplier!

Might end up that I've got to make from scratch but always worth looking for the easier (potentially) solution.

This article about GT40P-1040 clearly identifies the type
For such an alteration to my humble advise no need of ready moulded part ;
Just watch some "tutorial" made for you as chrismas gift ;):D:D

Rod Dittmar

Mine came with my kit. Fran said he had to get them from the UK. I'll dig through my boxes to see if I can find them. Will let you know.

Eddy McClements

@Shed Racing @Andy318is If you decide on twin rear light setups, I'd be interested to hear what height the lower lights end up at. I'm pretty sure it's a minimum of 350mm for UK IVA test (though you car has already passed, I guess, Andy?).