MkIV - J10

My father Jim Mason who build the frame for all MK4 at Brunswick Aircraft Corp., repaired J2 with two of his colleagues and I still have the title for it, later the car was sold unfinished.
...... It was rebuilt into a MK4 coupe many years ago...... It was original raced as a Can Am roadster.

some interesting photos found of either J9 or J10,

I don't know if any of these engines were the 3 valve "calliope" 427 ??



The Can Am roadster you mentioned the one with the dyherdal wing this never raced it was
J-9 it was called the G7-A. J-10 and the whole G7-A project was sold to Charlie Agapiou (and his brother) who raced it with little success. The J car that Ken Miles was testing was J-2. It was going to enter Can Am as part of the test program. That's why it was in that configuration.
Regards Allan
I need help guys I have this car given to me from a dieing family member this car he says was built in another country before for took the gt 40 name I have all the paper work and stuff just need to know if it's worth