Mocal One Way Check Valve - experience

Do you have any experience of this Mocal One Way Check Valve (flap type) ( ).
"... flap valves offer no resistance to flow ..."

I am thinking of fuel tanks with the following approach

Tank #1 - fuel pump filling the catch tank and so on
Tank #2 - fuel return to this tank

Then I would like to have the tanks to have equal amount of fuel.

Would it work to have this one-way-valve to the bottom om each tank, like:

Tank #2 ===>> [one-way-valve] ===>> Tank #1

or would that valve have too much resistance to make the fuel to be "synchronized"?
Hi Joacim,
the one I used came from Speedflow and in my application I used it to prevent a reverse flow into my header tank
In your proposed application, this type of valve should be fine, but I'd be looking at either a -8 or -10 valve to minimise any restrictions

Terry Oxandale

Skinny Man
I've used check valves for both my tanks wtihout every having problems,, but added an additional manual Perterson ball valve inline as well. Typically, I run off the passenger-side tank, and it refills the passenger-side tank (recirculates), but when swapping fuel pumps to driver-side tank (my "get me to a station" reserve if needed), it continues to recirculate only again, back to the passenger-side tank (so it also acts as a reserve transfer of fuel whenever it is on). On rare occasions I find a need to manually valve it to recirculate back to the driver-side tank, and that's where the ball valves come in handy.