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Hello everyone from here in Chester. I went to my first GT40 Club meeting in the northwest of England last night. Thank you Pete Thompson for a great meeting with lots of advice and enthusiasm.
I want to build a GT40 and I’m thinking about what chassis to start with; it appears that monocoque chassis are harder to buy and more expensive to build and repair.
I was told that a company called Mirage built some great ones a few years ago, made by Ray Weber and Steve Hill. Are these still available to order?
Hi John it was good to meet you.
Here’s a couple of pictures of Alex’ car from last night.



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Charlie Farley

There is an alternative.
Try: Building and Racing a Legend – Historic car racing

Their chassis has recently achieved some FIA HTP papers as part of complete builds and has the advantage of being constructed from galvanised steel. So none of the problems associated with original tubs rusting out in the sponson areas.

A ' little sparrow ' told me, a couple of well regarded major race teams in the UK, have chosen their chassis, for various reasons, over a certain well known competitor and that the decision was not down to price.

Can't harm to take a look.