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Quick intro... sadly, not a GT40 owner, but I owned a Lotus Esprit V8 for over 20 years and just sold it. Also retired, so looking to scale back some of the hobbies and focus on other things.

Some of the additional parts and such that I still have are related to the Renault UN-1 gearbox that Lotus sourced for the Esprit. In short, I have a full set of parts to rebuild a UN-1, i.e., OEM synchros, seals, gaskets, roll pins, shifter shaft bellows, etc. I also a have new sealed Emco upgraded gear kit that includes the one-piece input shaft, new 1st/2nd gears and everything else required. Finally, I have a new Quaife ATB Diff with the crown wheel bolts and new diff bearings. I still have all of the receipts as well, plus a couple tools for the UN-1. As I no longer have the Esprit, I'm hoping to find a new home for all of this.

Brian Kissel

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Welcome to GT40S. As per the agreement that you agreed to when signing up for the forum, your real name must be in your profile. All for sale ads must include a price, location, shipping information and pictures. This is to protect our forum members. As you stated above, you are just passing through, looking for fee advertising. I believe that your parts may be desired by someone, but rules are rules.

Regards Brian
Hello Brian,

Thanks for the welcome. When I registered, I put in my real name, age, birthday, location, etc. Oddly, my real name doesn't show up in the profile, so that seems to be a forum problem. I went in and edited the profile, so that should show now. Also, as rules are rules, being a new member, I have no ability to post anything in the for sale section, which I understand. I initially put the listing into the LotusTalk forum, where I've gotten some interest, but most are only interested in picking out specific pieces, whereas I feel the entire lot has more value being a full set of parts. Sorry this doesn't show correctly, feel free to remove the post if you deem it so.

Regards, KM
Kevin welcome, and thank you for the offer to the forum members, as I am running the C35 box no interrest from me, just helping out here with my reply to get you enough postings for you to be able to advertise your stuff.
Feel free to reply, it helps you to get another post, till you have enough to advertise and helping another one out.
Thanks everyone for the warm welcome, much appreciated. I've been responding to all PMs, so hopefully everyone who has asked for any details, etc., has received responses.

Regards, KM