Mufflers- LS3

Re: My Exhaust system - LS7 manifolds, Corvette cats and DBX mufflers

Yea, also with tail in so we can see what it look likes.
Here is a picture of the exhaust. 3" pipe connects the two mufflers with an oval section welded in to form the tailpipe.

I am attempting to make a trim ring where this will exit the body, if/when I am successful I will post a picture of how the exhaust looks with the street tail on the car.

And the title of my posting was a bit misleading - it wasn't actually the first start. I got it started last week for the first time and only ran it about 30 seconds. I had some issues to address (long story) and this video was taken a week later after a full morning of running the car, checking the stuff I fixed, adjusting the shifter, etc.


Need a little more help... After talking with Flowmaster, I learned a few things:

1. While I like the sound of the HP2 "Shortie", is is for engines up to 400 hp. It can handle more, but it has a 2.5" in/out. Thus, not a good choice.

2.DBX- this is a more refined sound but it is intended for impost, not V8's.

3. Pro Series Laminar Flow- This is the big brother to the HP2. It comes in 3 lengths, and has a 3" in/out. It only comes in black. So, stripe the paint and ceramic coating would be in order. However, they recommended a "H" pipe connecting one side to the other. They said that without this, it will not sound as if it running on all cylinders and it is picking up an the exhaust side on one muffler and the intake on another, while also only audiblizing 4 of those cylinders. Wow. Any way, is there room for an "H" pipe with side exhaust, and is it really heeded?
Yes, Flowmaster Tech Support strongly recommended an H-pipe to me as well.

Listen to Mike's video below and judge for yourself. He's using the 16" Pro with no H-pipe. I think it sounds good.
We got the same speech from Flowmaster, but couldn't figure out a way to make it happen. Went without and the way the car sounds really hit the mark for us.
So, I ordered the Flowmaster Pro Series 12" (Shortie). It has a 3" in/out and is finished in black. They have a 12", 16" and 20" option. I went for the 12 " not for space concerns, but instead so I can let the neighbors know I am coming. After Fran gets the exhaust (side exhaust) completed, I will have them ceramic coated in OKC. Everyone had them listed for $139 each. I found them on Amazon for $111 each with free shipping.