New GT40 build - GT40 Forte'

Howdy. I have taken delivery of a GT40 chassis and have most of it tacked up. Planning on building out a GT40 Mk2. Looking mainly for advice.

Thanks :eek:)

Brian Kissel

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Welcome to the forum Donald. You should include where you are from, to make it easier to give you advice. The UK seems to have a large amount of enthusiasts groups. Not as many in the US. Please tell us more.

Regards Brian
Hi JP. This is (will be) a GT40 MKII. I have started with the chassis flat pack from GT Forte'. I have to say I am really impressed with the laser cut pieces. Everything fits together like a dream. I want to get this chassis on wheels pretty quick. It is all tacked together with the exception of the overhead roll assembly and horse shoe assembly in the engine bay.
That looks beautiful ^^ I was planning going with the body kit from GT Forte'. The MKII body kit plus windshield from here I have estimated this would be a 3 to 5 year project. I design and write software full-time, plus do electronics design/repair on the side, and for what little time is around with high powered model rockets (attempting a L3 German V2 launch as soon as all these plagues pass over). This build I am taking nice and slow. Spent two years outfitting my garage with MIG, plasma cutter, lifts, cranks, hoists, beer, etc.. I need to get my chassis rolling...meaning I need to find upper lower A-frames in order to zero in on mounting to chassis. Any advice on the A-frames?
Looking good. I'd get it on the table soon and weld it up sooner that later. Also, you may want to consider flipping the sill pod brace.