New gt40 monocoques available!

Those chassis pics 'look' like they were taken at GOX w/shop / factory. In fact this pic from another thread of GOX progress in 2008 makes it look very very likely.


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I saw these pictures on this website, they are not taken at GOX factory .
We have made the serie we planned to build, and are now doing flywheels and other parts needed for those cars.
The person behind this new GT40 operation is Andrew Booth of GT40 Gold Parts. He is a well-known and respected member of this forum. He tells me you would not have to wait an erternity for your monocoque, as he has three built already, two are sold, one to a high-level UK historic racing team. These tubs and parts are very competively priced compared with other true monocoque GT40s, but obviously, more expensive than cheaper spaceframe chassis. I also believe he is looking to becoming a sponsoring vendor on this site, so any concerns about whethere this is a bona fide operation, are unfounded.