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This is a marketing probe to see who needs GT40 headers. If you could get top quality headers built in 4 to 8 weeks for approximately $4000, how many of you would go for it? Downside? ERAs only unless you can get your car to me in Northern Virginia for a couple weeks.

I have come to the conclusion that the GT40 community needs another reliable source for quality headers built in a reasonable amount of time. I have heard the horror stories and have a few tidbits of my own. Nine months of promises doesn’t cut it.

I plan on building “First Class” headers made from 304 or 321 stainless steel. They will be true 180 degree headers built to resemble the original “Bundle of Snakes” exhaust system.

Since I own an ERA I will be offering these first for 302 or 351 Windsor based ERA GTs. If you have another manufacturer’s GT you would have to send your car to me in Northern Virginia.

So there you have it. How many of you could conceivably step up and buy a set of top notch headers? No real commitments needed at this time. This is to simply get an idea of the backorder of headers and how many folks are looking to buy. Thanks for your help in this. Contact me at [email protected]

I think $4,000 is an awful lot of money for headers, Mark, and that you won't find many takers. I could have some custom turbo exhaust plumbinbg made from 321 stainless for that kind of money.
Hi Mark,

Yes I understand your concern yet waiting 9 months for a set of non-existant $2800 headers is proving costly. Consider that the collectors I'll be using cost almost $400 each. It's a high-end system. No excuses. I can barely get the parts for $2800.

For another datapoint I have gotten estimates for $10,000 headers and I thought that was a bit over the edge. Consider waiting a month for your headers at $4000 or waiting a year and saving $1200.

I appreciate your input.

Do they have to be stainless? I would expect steel with
ceramic coating to be significantly less.

If I NEEDED a set in 4-8 weeks, I'd expect to pay a premium.
The idea is to plan ahead so you don't have to pay a premium. Unless the car comes turnkey, you'll have plenty of time to wait for the exhaust (assuming it comes).


A few of points here:

1. Stainless vs mild steel - Stainless will trap heat better than mild steel so your engine compartment will be cooler.

2. Coatings or not - All the coatings I've seen will burn and ash-over at bends close to the heads if the air/fuel ratio is proper. Once you've burned the coating you can not polish out the discoloration. For some this is no big deal. Stainless on the other hand can be polished when it gets discolored.

3. Lead times - I ordered my headers back in October and was promised them by the end of February. Five months in advance. They are now 5 months late and we're getting no return phone calls or email. So 10 months out I'm still without headers and the prospect is looking grim.

This has put my frustration level at a point where I know who can get this done. Me. A day or two to copy a valid bundle of snakes down or paper. Proper flange dimensions and all the proper radii. A week to get the parts from Burns. A couple weeks to tack and then weld them all together. Been there, done that.

Or I can sit around and put another coat of wax on a finished car. Necessity is the mother of invention.

I thank you for your input.

Ron Earp

Hopefully you didn't use George Cochran - I was hoping that folks would learn from my mistake and others.....
I don't know what kind of coatings you have seen. I've been runing a 429 "CJ" with Ceramic coated headers for some Years (6) now and haven't had any discoloring or flaking or any thing. Don't have to polish them if I don't want!
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Hi Nathan,

A few questions:

1. Who did your coating and what did they use?

2. What's your AFR?

I've not seen a coating yet that didn't discolor when the engine was run a little on the lean side. But then I haven't experienced everything so maybe I need to be educated.

My headers and side pipes were ceramic coated by JET HOT in 1996. The Engine is a 69 429"CJ" at about 570HP the car is a "DRIVEN" show car. It's not babied by any means. It has seen a few laps at Willow Springs International Raceway. About 20 miles up the road. I run it a little rich to make it run cooler and save the pistons.(they aren't available any more). Any other questions give me a shout. [email protected]
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