New here. What GT40 kit to go for and papers for the kit

Hi. I am new here. I have always been into sport cars and lately i have been thinking more and more about buiding a GT40 Mk1.
I have looked at several cars from cheap ones to to most expenshive ones.

So i have to as which kit is a great kit and a kit that i should go for?
Having said that the DMW / IVA / TUV here where i live really likes the German TUV papers.

I noticed a kit from www.ActivePowerCars that is located in the US that delivers a roller and for a nice price.. Web site:

The most easy for me is to go for a European made kit i guess that already have IVA or TUV papers
Any here that have any suggestions of which kit to go for?
I am really glad for all help about this
I am currently building an Active Power Lola t70 Mk 3b. I am very happy with Activepowers owner Chris Arden and his product.I really like the C6 suspension.There is a thread here called Miami Active power build. Check it out. Excellent value. Thanks Don
I am in the process of building a Southern GT. Early days so far but I would have no hesitation in recommending them. Mick and Carol are based in Southampton, UK.
I will check around when it comes to manufacturers. But please continue with advices of which kit to go for :)
The problem here where i live is that Norways answer to the UK`s IVA or Germanys TUV are so strict.
I guess i will need a lot of papers from the kit manufacturer.

When it comes to engines the most likely choice is off course a Ford V8.
But it could have been really fun to drop in a 2002-2008 Mercedes M285 E55, V12 engine that sounds like an Formula 1 with a V10 engine:)
I am pretty sure that is the same engine that is used in the Pagani Zonda
Check the youtube clip below of a Mercedes S600, W220 with stainless steel exhaust. It for sure soumds mean :)
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Chris from Active Power is currently putting my roller together and doing a great job. I went with his build based on detailing several of his completed GTs and price. Chris runs his operation with only a handful of dedicated experienced workers. You can go into the Active Power Cars website and see my roller’s progress.

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IVA is an inspection test performed by an IVA test center after the car is built. More info on that in many threads on here ref: IVA manual.
Haven't seen any kits delivered with IVA nor TUV papers before the car is built.

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Welcome, After my experience I would ask a lot of questions before you wright a cheque. Quality,cost, delivery time and support. If you can, visit the shops that get your interest after all this will be a big investment. I almost spent the time and money to visit Tornado in England because of my interest in the carbon fiber tub. If you like you can PM me.