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I have an engine going back together for the RF40 to do a speed comparison
at the Sandown Historic meeting 7th of November. Roaring Forties are helping me to achieve this and it is good I can repay them for helping me with Team 40 to NZ. Yesterday I thought bugger it why don't I put in an entry to run the RF40 at this meeting and see what the organisers (VHRR) do with it. I'll let you all know the result when it happens.
Even if they reject my entry it'll be a good shit stir, I know Russ will enjoy that.

So what's happened to your 'rebuilding a race engine' thread?

Go on Ross, wind them up, we all know how laidback you are......


Hello Kiwis
I do not live in the land of the long white cloud these days so I am a bit out of touch.
I see that you are having trouble with the rules etc.
I used to crew for Chris Abbot ............ can he help or hinder you in any way.

Is Can't Grumble (Grant Campbell), Kenny smith still around.
You may have allready tried Chris but if you haven't he might be worth a try.

Phil mate kenny is still going, he celebrated 50 years of continuous participation in motor sport last year, mabe not as quick as he was but still keeps the young ones honest, if you no Ken youll also no his loverly mum who we lost at Manfeild this year, she took a turn for the worst and they rushed to Palmerston hosp, but didnt make it, and Ken being the driver he his still went out and dedicated the drive to Mum.
and yeh grumble gutz is still around
cheers Kaspa
Feilding EH! Cooked my Shaker up a bit on that track being silly! (ER: Having fun)

Well I never, Kenny must be 70. Sorry to hear about his mum. (She made a good Bacon and Egg Pie.)Good to see he is still playing "Argee Bargee" with the competition and keeping the young ones in line. I remember fabricating and replacing a corner for him after a little run in, at Feilding.
There was a guy Cook? he used to build quick engines for F/Ford. I was at his workshop in Auckland and he had a few kiwi style cars in his shed.
Would it be difficult to develop your own type of classic racing for 40's and the like for the newer age replicas?
Racing is for fun and should be open to everyone!
I will be in Fielding in Novemberish and will catch up with a Guy named Wayne Evans. (Cam Belt/Blower belt man.)
Those beady little Kenny Fox eyes in your mirror are hard to forget.
Phil, by Cook you wouldnt be talking about old Reg would you, if so he's still around , mainly playing with rally cars now, when you get to Feilding look me up I'm only a 100 mtrs from the track,
btw the big MG clasic meet is on 14th Nov i think from memory 2 day event, you may remember it as Wittakers.
full sports car feilds will be there
cheers John
Do you live on the back road just down from the club house on the right coming from the Bulls end?
Reg Cook it is!
Also remember another big guy from feilding. He used to run the open track days a lot.
I see Possum is gone also ............... I seam welded one of his cars at Ray Fowler Panel-beaters. (Before he became really famouse, he of course was broke!)
I will come to the races.
You speak of classic racers ............ wonder how many are sitting in implement sheds or under trees
Phil no mate i live on the track end of Kimbolton rd, [main street of feilding] there are heaps of cars hiddin in sheds thats for sure.
if you get there youll find me around the Sports car pits, i aint hard to find just ask Russ, look foward to catching up
chers John
Hi, I am writtin for the pleaseure the total history chassis for the lola t210 1970 and t212 1971.
You mention a T212 of John McLellan. Do you knoww more, do you know some body who know the history, chassis number , previous owner , next owner, if the car is still in NZ etc?
Any information will be deeply appreciared.
Best regards
Hi Sam geez its been a while since ive seen that ole rocket on the track, good to see it rebuilt and out there again,
cheers John
Hi just bet the lap record for teretonga in this car amazing cornering this car has for built 1975 and here is one of the vidoes[/url]
Had not seen this thread before; some really cool ideas and cars. Late to the show but, thanks for sharing.
Looking on the race org site, I am really interested in seeing under the skin of the 'can-am' looking car driven by Mark Galvin. Anywhere I can find more information?