Off center rear clam on some CAV's

Bill Kearley

I'm putting this out to those who own a CAV ( I own #193 ) that have had a problem with the rear clam,. Not being able to center the rear clam over the tub and rear tires ( it is off to the passenger side about an inch and a half. On mine the front clam is square with the tub and and the doors fit the spider quite well.
Charles known as ( smack that ) claimed to be a painter for CAV in S.A. told me he had the answer and would walk me through it. ( as expected I have had no response ) I have seen other CAV's on the site in pictures that have the same problem. It will be a very expensive problem to fix as it will mean chopping up the spider and rear clam in order to get thing lined up.
I payed for one paint job and royalties to Gulf Oil to get a legal 1075 paint job, it pisses me of that this much time and money is required to fix the problem

Has any one come across this and done the repairs ??
Have not noticed this on my CAV, i have car #25 so very early. Will have a better look now I"ve read this of course :D

Bill Kearley

I have talked to a couple guys about this and they have newer cars. As mentioned mine is #193. Am not sure what has been built since.

Ian Clark

Hi Bill,

Hi have you spoken with the factory about this? Surely they have support for their car owners...

I had an early-ish CAV (2006). The rear clam shell was offset about 1/2 - 3/4 inch to the right hand side. A bit of alignment work got it to 1/2 inch or less but that's as good as it could be without major body work. Looked fine, but 1/2 inch is a lot less than 1 1/2......