Old Tornado- Bringing Back to Life

Sounds like you did much of what Renato did then. Believe the angle change is what Tornado does from the factory to fit the Coyote.

I'm a 90% lean to the Aluminator XS, but I still may go with the standard Aluminator and get Livernois to warm it up a bit. When I read about the new Coyote making 440HP or so though I did start to think about it and just warming it over a bit, but for the long haul the Aluminator XS is the way to go for me.

Have you got the axles worked out?
I think Renato did his a little after I put my modified frame pictures up ;)

The Aluminator XS is nice, but at more than double the money of the base Coyote crate, it is much harder to see the value in it. Having spent some time tinkering with my 2012 GT, I know what bolt-ons do to a base Coyote. Subtract 1600 pounds or so from the Mustang, and I think the base aluminator is more than capable of killing me a thousand different ways in this car before I ever need an extra hundred horsepower. (For $7000 more!)

I will be talking to Fran at RCR when it's time for the axles.
If you shop around you can get the XS for $13,800 delivered. The standard Aluminator is right at $7,900 delivered so it's really "only" 6K more, and given I already have the Cobra Jet intake and dual throttle body I can sell since it comes standard on the XS, it's only about 5K more for me. That's still a lot of money for about 100 more HP I know, but I wanted something to compete with the high dollar Ferrari for example. 530-550 HP in this car with the gearing I have will allow this car to do that.
I got a little sidetracked this fall- picked up a '69 Cougar and have been bringing it to local autocross events, and then tore it apart for a proper paint job when it got cold.

I gave up on making the hanging Wilwood pedals work and am going to be using Tilton floor mounts. This is going to be a pain because of the steering rack position, and I'm likely going to have to move the rack up as much as the frame allows and make custom steering arms. Obviously this is really unfortunate to be coming after I made my frontend changes, but I'm learning very rapidly from the hoops this build is making me jump through, and trying to finish up a component that I'm satisfied with is a constantly moving target.

I also finally got my drivetrain bolted together, and put together a design for the engine mounts that I'll be welding in over the next week or so. The 01E does not have the most ideal output flange location, but I still placed the engine nice and low and pushed forward, and the CV angle shouldn't exceed 15-17 degrees at full compression. I also talked to Ford Racing and was told that there wouldn't be any issues other than oil baffling if the engine was actually leaned forward a few degrees past level, rather than tilted back as in a normal installation. So if I really wanted to, I could put the nose of the engine another inch or so down. I don't know if this will be detrimental to the life of the throwout bearing or other components, however, so I left it on the table for now.


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