Original 40's steering wheel emblem

I stated what I thought . You know what else I think you rude and I won't buy stuff from you. I think it is really nice to call me names and you call yourself a supplier and that is how you treat people. Yes I know you will have more smart ass comebacks great for you. I bet you don't speak that way when people are standing there.
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Read the above rule before you respond again
Nobody challenged your expertise nor your experience with original GT's, myself included. It appears most of us only had just asked for some more insight, myself included as I have never seen a boss with the black. You have had the opportunity and to be privileged with having access to original cars, and I would have thought it be a great way to share your knowledge with us, not dictate nor belittle a simple question.

You had an opportunity to make a few friends, more customers - your address will do neither. I've been an active forum member since 2003 and your candor seems to be common, which is why I have had no interest in partaking in topics you post, you just pissed me off today, hence my reply, hence I will never respond to another post or comment from you - I promise.

Your silence will be appreciated, for today.


Charlie Farley


When did i call you a name ?
( Whatever that means...reminds me of primary school days...)

You seem to want to be the victim.
I wasn't aware you had 4 legs...
sorry about that.

Charlie Farley


Now this is a true " conundrum ".

Everyone reading your last post would have come away with the idea that i would be the last person you would be immediately corresponding with...eh?
As a third party...i would.

So why then send me a Private Message asking to buy parts.
Sorry, the answer is a NO.
It's far from my main business and i will keep it as a hobby.
Better than anything on tv and regrettably more so these days,
most of what is posted on the forum.
There you go......correct..non PC ( Andrew remember to slap your hands again) Tut Tut..Bad Boy!!



want to bet your wheel chair on it?
trusting your graphics card ?
have a couple of originals in your hand ?
you really are sticking your kneck out..
so unlike you...
you can lead a horse to water...

OK, you're probably right - I didn't factor in the Glaucoma.....

Charlie Farley

To bring my posting to a close...

At no time, in my book, was i rude..if you take it that way, that's a problem you have to overcome.
( Yes, there are several on this forum that agree with me )

I explained in considerable detail why i believe black was the original colour adopted by FAV.
Furthermore, i provided photographic evidence to that effect.
You provided ' jack sh*t ' to back up your ' opinion '
( Oh, another PM, " Tell em how it is " )
( I'm trying ! )
Instead of doing your own research ( which i did many years ago )
typical of the computer, ipod, tablet generation, you fire back ill concieved,
poorly ( non ) researched questions.
Do your own research.. ( one in particular ) it's like dealing with a kid..


Damn! This thread should be in the Paddock! Pete's been complaining that it lacks 'sting' lately. :laugh:

Rude is subjective anyway. A Yorkshire friend of mine's diatribes would get a Southerner's teeth scattered on the pavement, while he, according to his mates. is just being 'naturally blunt.'

But I don't suppose even he would have brought up disabled references, but its my fault, I don't even own a wheel (except on the 'chair).

Oh well, each to their own style - be what you want to be... :)
Don't know where this is heading but my friends 66 Road Car that I outlined several years ago on this forum, is an unrestored, unrebuilt, and hardly touched, car that probably really needs it. I have to hound him to crank it up every month or so. He hasn't allowed me to do any work on it unless it is with original parts. Usually he will let me repair the original. Here is his badge taken with my little Olympus Camedia C3030 Zoom. It is a 3.3 megapixel camera(very old). My father in law(now deceased) won it in a national photo contest.

For those that would like to see the slideshow of this great car, go here:
66 Road Car Slideshow by Billmusarra | Photobucket

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As the Repub candidate for senator in our great state says, "That's what I do"
Seriously I think that because most of these cars were built by different individuals, it only makes sense that they did many thing the same, but differently.



Oh dear, a visitor message: Guess who?

"I wasn't aware prior to tonight, your qualifications and experience, to be able to pontificate on original parts.."

(I changed the text to blue so he wouldn't see it ;))

Dear oh dear. Who's got a wild hair up his ass? I merely commented, that on my computer, the colour appeared to be dark blue.

Does anyone know him? Is he quite a short person?

Charlie Farley

lol, made me laugh,
how wide of the mark your judgement is..
try again.
this is better than tv.
more entertaining.
bring it on.

Charlie Farley


" i merely pointed out, you shouldn't rely of graphics cards etc, before your caveat "
Pff... Nelson's Column springs to mind
Remember the script ?
I think the point now is that it is blue but someone one is selling them with black as original and they have to much invested to admit they are wrong. So let's go back to the original question. Who has a picture of proof quality not bad lighting or bad angles. To prove that they have one with black and not blue. Everyone else posting pictures have not called anyone names or stated they don't have a right to speak . To end this anyone could photo shop any color in . It looks to me that some have faded to Psm color 296. Which looks very dark but is blue.
As I've done very little research, I've no clue what color the originals were. I do know my list of venders just went down one though.
Another factor that has been overlooked, and I saw it in action when I painted my car. Some paints will show up as darker if they are truely paint samples. However when you spray paint them they come up a lighter color. This is what happened to the Linden Green color. And I give you proof of this here. First the paint sample, with flash.

Without flash.

Then the sprayed color(replica).


And here is the color at different angles and lighting(same body piece)

Now which is Linden Green???
I think we are making much a do about nothing. As I posted earlier, with so many different builders/restorers, each has their idea of what is THE color. And for such a small piece of the puzzle, I think they painted the badge the color they thought was original, or the color they preconceived as the original. In any event, I don't think an owner of an "original" would lose sleep over this difference. If it is an original, then that is what it is. All have slight differences form each other. Nothing to get our shorts in a wad over.
Guys remember this is the net and emotion is hard to read, you are all good Guys (except that twat Keef) passionate about our hobby, doing your best to get it right.

Blue or black steering badge does not matter in the end , it's not worth fighting over ,as long as you can get a badge , I would go the black in a blink over an Autotechinia badge or what ever the ricer stuff is called . I like old school touches on my cars and GT40 gold parts gives us Guys that would never be able to find anything close to OE a chance for small comfort.

Keep up the good work and lets support those trying to help our hobby out.