Original FAV GT-40 shift knob drawings.

I finally got around to making my first shift knob yesterday. I was surprised how well my metal lathe worked as a wood lathe. Now that I know I can make one I have a nice piece of burl walnut I'd like to try. Hard to believe the tiny carbide boring bar is supposed to cut steel. The insert I turned out of aluminum and SPF's shifter uses a 10 mm 1.25 thread. I'm not sure why this sites software turned the 2nd picture 90° to the left. Can anyone tell me what to do to fix that? The original FAV blueprint calls for Walnut or some other kind of wood. Can someone tell me what the other wood is? I don't seemed to be able to understand it. You know it's how you Brits talk over there. Soooo just kidding I loved my time in England and you guys built one hell of a car.




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The other material specified is not wood.
"Ebonite" is a coal / hard rubber derivative material much used in the making of bowling balls, smoking pipe stems and quality fountain pens years ago. It is still produced in Eastern Europe.
Usually black but oxidises into a brown colour.

Polypenko is a black modern plastic which machines just as well. This is used as a replacement for ebony or blackwood wind instruments these days. Scots bagpipes for instance !!.
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Interesting, thanks guys. I guess the knob that came on my car would be correct as it came with a black knob that has the correct dimensions. No idea what it's made of.
Thought I'd share another picture of my knob but this time with one of JimmyMac's amazing GT emblems. Thanks James.

There may come a day when gasoline powered cars are no longer allowed on our countries roads and that will be a very sad day indeed. Mostly from the perspective of people not being able to experience these amazing cars the way they were intended. Lets hope that day never comes.



Smoke screen. Can order from aviation supply. Go to local auto supply store get a screen washer pump and reservoir, drill and tap a header pipe somewhere, install small 1/16" compression fitting, plump up to washer screen pump, fill with smoke oil an hook up to red button in shifter.

It works surprisingly well in an MGB and really keeps people off of your ass on the highway, not that I have done this before......
Could have really used the smoke screen the other day when some teenage girl thought sitting on my tailpipe would somehow magically make me disappear. Experlative dealeted.
Now there's an idea. I could hide it under the GT emblem. Better yet I could hook it up to the backup lights. That would stop there heart for a few beats.