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I'm, naturally, busy polishing it to death and marvelling at the engineering quality. The only sad point, is that as I've been 100% blind since 1986, I cannot see its' beauty, so have to rely on other peoples impressions
Andrew, I'm a bit of a stickler for engineering attention to detail and what makes a GT40 appear "correct". In my opinion your car nails it perfectly. Well done!

Andrew, as I said to you years ago, your car will be a bit like "Frankenstein" but let me say Frankenstein never looked as good or sounded as sweet as your little monster. Perfection.....and Its Alive!
I was a close friend of Bernard White and involved with his team’s antics with 1001 and its Ferrari 250LM and BRM 261/5. Jenkins referred to Innes Ireland towing 1001 on a Don Parker trailer with Bernard’s DB6 back from Zeltweg. We had a memorable dinner in Judenburg the evening before the race with Jenks, Innes and David Hobbs, one of the most hilarious nights I ever experienced. Acquiring 1001 followed the loan of FAV’s silver ‘demo’ car to Bernard. Hard to believe we actually had three of us in the car. Bernard also bought a road version, my memory is failing but I think it passed to Noel Edmonds. 1001 was sold to Sid Taylor, source of other hilarious encounters. I saw your car at the NEC, nice to be reminded of the bodywork on which I leant back in the day!
Frank Catt told me the story of the bodywork whilst I was at his shop. Frank has recently recommissioned my GTD 804AJB which he rebuilt and re-engineered as a racer around 1999. Very satisfying to know my car has a history with Frank, undoubtedly the primary source of all things GT40.

Thought you may like to know my GT40 isn't idling away its time in my garage, but getting some track action. After a disappointing start at Silverstone, where the throttle cable melted due to a bad earth, we were invited to the Chateau Impney Hill Climb sprint event in Worcestershire, England. It was a great weekend with black tie dinner on the Saturday evening, where I met some very "old school" types, who still race 20s/30s Bentleys and Bugattis Etc. Parked next to my GT40 was a Chapperal, Lola and Chevron, although my GT40, with Tony Gallagher driving, was only doing high speed demo runs. Alas bad luck struck again and the gT40 was held back following an accident on track, leaving the motor coughing in the heat of the day, meant by the time it set off for its run, the engine had fouled the plugs and we didn't have eight cylinders anymore. This event is like the Goodwood Festival of Speed in the early days without the crowds. I'd recommend anyone in range, to attend the Chateau Impney event next year, it's in the mostbeautiful of settings. Here are some images-


Thanks to Debbie for driving our motor home and trailer the six hours to and six hours from Essex over the weekend for a charity event to raise money for a local children's hospice. The great Michael Hipperson, who owho owned GT40P/1005 back in the day had invicted us to Andrews Field airfield where approx. 150 classic and sports car were shown off in the summer sunshine. A great event p those less fortunate than us.
You must be very proud Andrew.....
Great job!!!!
You must be very proud Andrew.....
Great job!!!!


"The end is near, we've reached the final curtain", and to my involvement with this thread, which has spanned over 10 years! I wish to thank everyone who supported ne and leave you with a new video, which my wife, Debbie, has put together for us. I hope you enjoy it, as it tells the story of the reconstruction of my recycled GT40. Any nice comments are always welcome. "BYE"... Andrew

Andrew, what a journey its been for all of us who have watched with keen interest you put 1001 back together. The finished car is a testament to your monumental efforts and perseverance and those that put her back together. Big applause to your wife for creating a lovely film documenting it all. Thank you.