I've got just about everything. 100% are original parts, but only 85% are period. This means I'm still looking to exchange those repro parts for old GT40 ones. What I'm seriously having difficulty with is shipping an old rusty chassis, entire bodywork, engine, gearbox and boxes & boxes of parts from the UK to NZ for a realistic price. I'm considering buying a container and taking it to the docks on my car trailer. Any serious solutions to- [email protected] please. Attached are the photos of those latest parts.. Andrew



Hi Andrew, sorry I may have missed this but are you really planning to take all this stuff out of the UK? :huh:
Hi Keith, the parts are being shipped out to NZ for reconstruction, then the car is coming back next Spring ready for the Goodwood Festival of Speed. Thanks for the question.. Andrew


Thank goodness! I thought we were going to lose another one.... :)

Seems quite far to travel for your 'local' mechanic.. :laugh:

Anyone we know?
Continuing with my monologue- I've finally got a set of Konis which came from Cushman Competition. Thanks to Jay for his help in finding them. They're 1970s, but as they've been on an original GT40 for nearly 40 years, they have sufficient provenance for me. Photo attached.. Andrew


...and now for the most exciting news- pictured here is yours truly accepting that original Mike Salmon (1026) steering wheel from Stuart, whose friend, Roy Burrells, worked for JWA in the day, and who'd sold me the wheel, radiator and gearbox oil pump, he'd stored for all those years. Other photos show my Blaton 289 ci GT40 short motor, original (orange) GT40 starter, turkey pan from 1045, lower alternator bracket, GT40 hipo distributer complete with original orange plug leads, other "stuff" and a damaged headlight perspex, also from 1045. These later shots taken at home after my poor wife, Debbie, and I struggled to get the short motor out of her 4x4 down a makeshift slide! I love the wide sump pan on the motor. sad but true! Comments, ideas, questions would be nice???.. Andrew


Thanks for that! Probably the roof as someone's nicked the one off my Ferrari. Now let's start a heated debate as to whether it's a Ferrari or a Toyota with a body kit shall we???.. Andrew


Hello everyone, hope you're all keeping well.. the news from our live on the spot reporter, is I shipped a 20ft container full of old GT40 parts from Southampton on the 25th October onboard the MSC Lauren, bound for New Zealand for reconstruction over there. The journey should take six weeks and can be monitored on a live map by clicking on this link-
MSC LAUREN - Vessel's Details and Current Position - 9467407 - 353428000

The ship is currently in the Mediteranean and will pass through the Suez Canal, I think. Regards.. Andrew

Your project is coming on really well, you must be very happy, when will it come back to the UK,, Will it be a complete finished car when it returns ?

Andrew could you, or anyone else tell me what the open, and closed lengths are for Original GT40 front and rear shocks, excluding the bumb stops


I'm sorry Mick, I haven't a clue as the car is being professionally reconstructed. Can someone else on the forum help Mick I wonder? P.S. Frank. only kidding with you.. you're the captin of the ship when it comes to GT40s. Best wishes.. Andrew
OK... so here's a conundrum- How can a car lose a race, yet part of it win a trophy??? Well... I've just bought an original 1967 trophy, it was given to the 2nd overall placed GT40 at the Martini International Trophy race that year. The answer to the conundrum is that while the body of my car (1001) compeated in the race, it did not finish, yet, the steering wheel which is off Mike Salmon's (1026) won the 2nd place award!.. Andrew