I knew that 1016 was part of the famous 1-2-3 win at Le Mans in 1966, but I didn't know that it has an automatic gearbox.

The estimate is $9-12 million. If it exceeds $11 million, it'll beat the previous record for a GT40 (P/1074 - M.1003) in 2012, which is described at the auction record for an American car. Which is half the price of the Aston Martin DBR1 that sold for $22 million in 2017 and set the record for a British car (another Aston Martin is expected to break that record at Pebble Beach). Ferrari has the record for highest auction price for a car with $38 million, and that is also expected to be broken at Pebble Beach later this month.


I'm curious why there was confusion about its chassis number in the 80s.
"In 1983 the Mk II entered a short chain of private owners, starting with Leslie Barth of New Haven, Connecticut. Under the impression that he possessed P/1015, Bart repainted the car in a light blue livery (the color worn by that car at Le Mans). "