1. D


    I see Claude Nahum is selling his P1016 at RM Sotheby's in Monterey (august) Wordt dit de duurste Ford ooit? (foto’s) – P-magazine Does anyone have more info? Is he keeping P1078? Will he race LMC? WHY???
  2. P

    Pim from Holland

    Hi all, I am a bit of a strange duck here because i am not building a GT40, although i would love to. I am though building / recreating a car that uses the similar gearbox: ZF 5DS 25, namely a Lancia 037 rally carand i would love to know more about it. Would it be ok for you guys for me...
  3. B

    RCR 40 build info?

    Having to change directions and going with the GT-R over the superlite due to my height. Had been reading up on the SLC on the webpage that had all the info and tips for building one. Is there a page like this for the GT-R?
  4. T

    UN1 identification - crown wheel numbers

    Gents, I have a spare UN1 box supposedly out of a 21 Turbo, - pulled the bell housing off to read the numbers on the crown wheel, but I can't find any info on what they mean - anybody who can point me in the right direction? Numbers are 127-09-M0150 Cheers Mike
  5. P

    Help to Identify a Gulf GTD.....

    I've been contacted by the Roads and Maritime Services / vehicle registration authority in New South Wales, Australia about a car they are trying to register over there. Anyone have info on the factory built cars to try and trace this one? I've got a chassis number and need to try and verify...
  6. V

    Kidde Fire Extinguisher Recall

    I have several of these around the house and (used to) keep one in the '40. This is FYI as you may be affected. Note they are sold under several different brand names. Info here: Kidde Recalls Fire Extinguishers with Plastic Handles Due to Failure to Discharge and Nozzle Detachment: One Death...
  7. bill kearley

    info please

    Exhaust system required, 427w in a MK1 CAV. any info would be great.
  8. J

    Interesting Can Am/ G7A Info.
  9. U

    Looking for info on this CAV GT40 for sale

    I've searched these forums and elsewhere up and down for any history on this car. A friend of mine is interested in purchasing and is in touch with seller, but they don't seem to have any details beyond the those listed. Any insight would be helpful and greatly appreciated...
  10. M

    Superformance GT40 questions... need help :)

    Hi everyone, We've been thinking about buying a Superformance GT40. Here are some questions that we couldn't find answers to online: 1.) How much would it cost to have the car shipped (we live just north of Dallas)? 2.) Would we have to pay a gas guzzler tax? (Is the car qualified as a...