P1054 to be Auctioned


That's Fran Kress's car. It is a beauty...I saw him at Watkins Glen in September and he said he was thinking of selling. He went through a nasty intestine operation and joked that he should sell because there is no inheritance tax this year. Laughing he then pulled his shirt up showing his colostomy bag! He is quite a character

Jim Rosenthal

This is the first GT40 I ever saw in the actual metal. It was at a car show at the Baltimore Inner Harbor, decades ago, this would have been in the eighties. He has owned it for a LONG time, it appears in a lot of the books about the cars. Interesting to see what it will bring; as far as I know it has all its original bits and pieces on it.
I must thank Fran Kress for helping me in my fiberglass business. He lent me the tail off 1054 to cast a mold off it. 1054 is the first and only GT40 I've been in. I believe Fran has the original wire wheels also. You can usually see Fran at the Carlisle Kit Car Show in PA. every spring.
He is quite a character
That's a polite way of putting it! I have known Fran for over 20 years and he has always threatened to sell 1054 if the "price was right".

His recent health issues may have changed his priorities (still living on sausage, pizza and beer however) and I think he just wants some new toys.

Fran has some new toys on the way, his GT MK IV (one of the original duplicates being built) is almost done and we have a Superformance GT40 "R" on the water right now that he ordered.


The deal has been in the works for a while and was brokered by John Allen I understand.

Fran will be left with the MK IV J16, the SPF "R" car and he has an SPF tub that is being built into a roadster with an original windscreen. Not to mention the Cobra, the Mustangs, the 63 Falco Ranchero he just got (and towed to Watkins with!) he will not be short of toys.....