As you know all I have is Ronnies book and this states its a Peter Thorp Safir MKIV. As of Mar 1986 it had no buyer and it was to be completed. It was the the one from the last chassis of the production run.
I hope this helps Ronnie obviously would know. I will see if he has any other info.
Regards Allan
Interesting that Hamiltons advert in Motor Sport do's not allude to that history, clearly tries to suggest it is a original GT40, thanks Alan
All I've found out that the "original" production numbers stops at GT40P/1086. This was unnumbered at the time of its completion. John Horsman said that GT40P/1084 was the last GT40 completed at Slough by FAV. GT40P/1085 was the last GT40 chassis to be actually numbers by the works. I know 1087-1089 were the John Williment chassis's (from spare unbuilt chassis) that he purchased and built. P/1090-P/1100 and P/1115-P/1120 were the Safir MKV conitinuation run numbering sequencialy either side of the MKIII. The 1100 series prefix M3 were all the seven MKIII M3P/1101- M3 P/1107.
P1108; P1109; P/1111; P/1112 and P/1113 were spare MKIII chassis used to make new cars or to replace original chassis on existing cars P/1110 and P/1114 were assembled from the remaining spare chassis (not MKIII's spares) With P/1114 being built in 1972.
So it always comes down to what you mean by original. I tend to go by the cars that were built and raced in the 1960's and 1970's.
Regards Allan
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Thanks Alan, I got to about that stage of info too, and I had 1088 In my shop to make it a workable car some time ago, but I think the car Hamiltons are advertising is a "bitsa" car , or a late Safir, but not what we would call original .
Hi frank, there may be some questions regarding this particular GT 40 but I had the rare chance to see the original GT40 from the rofgo collection at Hamiltons offices a short while ago.
Very impressive seeing so many Gulf cars in one area and up close. Porsches, Aston and 40 etc etc.
Bearing in mind I had just bought my 1964 series 1 E Type from them they invited me to get up close

Regards and Happy new year to you all
Frank I had a look at the advert (not in Motor Sport) it does mention that its a upgraded GT40 MKV. But it also mentions that its 1 of 40 produced! When was the SAFIR MKV run extended to 40?
Keith I thought the GT40 in the Rofgo collection was GT40P/1084 the 1968 Gulf Spa car (formerly the Rob walkers 1965 GT40P/1004 that was renumbered in 1968 when Gulf were short a car and Re-spec'd to Gulf specs).
Hello Allan,

Mark V production passed the original intended batch of 25 cars around 1990. The last one being GT40P/1145 in 1996.

I believe there are 40 Mark V's extant.
In that number are two alloy chassis cars & two 'spyders'. (P1133 combining both features)

As you know the Mark V had a simplified chassis over the original Abbey Panels (& Tennant replacement design).
Two cars were produced during the Mark V run of numbers with Tennant chassis. (P/1126 & P/1127).
These aren't really Mark V's to my mind. (I'd call them Mark 1 continuation cars, as they were officially numbered by J.W.A)
If you do want to count these two as Mark V's you get a total of 42 cars !

All the best, Steve
Now off to Bonhams Goodwood Bonhams : 1987 Safir GT40 Mark V Coupé Chassis no. GT40-P-1119

History quoted:

This right-hand drive GT40 was built by Safir to Lord Beaverbrook's order in 1987, and was finished in the evocative racing colours of Gulf Oil, sponsors of JW Automotive's 1968 Le Mans-winning Ford GT40. After four years in Lord Beaverbrook's ownership, the car was resold by Safir to the current owner in 1991. The current owner then took the GT40 to Hong Kong where it was kept until 2006. He then shipped the car back to the UK where a total restoration to exemplary standard (including engine removal and rebuild, chassis repaint, body repaint, etc) was supervised by Ashton Keynes Vintage Restorations Ltd with no expense spared.

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Actually Safir built 41 cars. They built and sold two chassis with the same serial numbers, JWA GT40P1093. I own one of these chassis as well as GT40P1097 and also one of the two Tennant chassis JWA GT40P1126. The other chassis (1127) was turned into FAV GT40P1005.

Ian Anderson

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Hi Frank

Without photos it did not happen!

Seriously please post some photos of the car if the owner will allow



Gearchange now works perfectly ( first time for this car ! ) plus rebuilt carbs etc and MSD ignition package, crisp and very sharp on start up today.
Very nice Frank. Is that "ME" as in Mathwall Engineering?

Long time since I heard of those guys. They built an F5000 engine for me many years ago. Not cheap but quality work..