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Just received these pics from Hi Tech. First glimpse of my dream car. Ordered it in November and it's already painted. So much for long lead times! Will post more as they become available.

Rick Muck- Mark IV

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Yes, Viking Blue. It has become a popular color choice with out GT40 customer. And Doug is correct, he ordered this from us in November and it will ship in February.
Good to see so much inventory in the finishing area at Superformance. I was lucky enough to see my car being completed at the factory and there were a lot less cars in that part of the shop in April 2018.

Your car is looking great.
Two-three years!
Well it certainly felt like that and I bugged Rick a lot about when I could finally pick it up. Ended up driving to Dennis Olthoff's to get it. The worse part is after waiting a few weeks for it to arrive, you then have to wait for an unknown period for it to clear customs! still, well worth the wait.

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