Please Post your location

Howard Jones

Please go to your name at the top next to inbox. Click on it , then find account details. Click on it, find location and add your country at least and even better the state or province, and city.

It is very helpful to know where the person your are talking to is located. If he needs help finding a local machine shop, or is interested in buying a set of wheels it really helps if you know you are nearby or across the world.

Most of you guys haven't added a location and those who had one before the forum upgrade don't now unless you went into your profile and edited it.

It is always interesting to know who is in your neck of the woods. I think I spoke with you Howard 3 or 4 years ago at Blackhawk Cars and Coffee (sadly defunct). I had my newly acquired CAV (blue with offset white stripe). You provided some useful advice at the time.
new on this forum, French and soon 40 years, passionate about mechanics, I hope to achieve a dream: build my GT 40, looking forward to chat with you ... but my English is not terrible !!