Porsche Boxter box

Hi guys,
I am contemplating building a GT40 soon, kit of some kind. It can be registered in Norway with around 300-350 horses under our amateur build rules.
A friend has a Boxter box that he is not going to use in his VR6 Scirocco 1 and has offered it to me. That should be a good alternative, don't you think?


That’s what I’m going to use in my build but it is the Boxster S, 6 speed so it will be stronger and different gearing from the stock (less durable) base version. I saw many years ago that someone did an LS V8 swap into a Boxster S and seemed to be holding up to the HP & torque of that motor. I wont be planning on much over 400 hp and won’t be drag racing the car when complete so think it should hold up for me.