Purple GT40s

Randy V

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There have been at least two of them represented here, but I was unable to immediately locate.
However, if you go to Google and type in Purple GT40, look at the images tab and you will see them there.
Ok going to have to look up Plum Crazy for Mopar. The only plum crazy I know is what Klein used on their mountain bikes, which was also awesome.

Would it look good accented by Ford competition blue?


Ian Anderson

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I was fairly sure there was one done in Cadbury purple the original
Colour not the Hershey one

Then there is also the purple from silk cut as used on the le
Mans Jaguar

were you talking about the XJR-14?

seems to be different colors in different lights. not sure, second photo seems to indicate that it had a couple of different shades.

reasonable indication of what a non metallic purple would look like.