1. N

    Classic Le Mans 2018 Replica GT40's

    GT40 Replicas
  2. 5

    This girl apparently likes GT40s.....

    Ya think?
  3. R

    Purple GT40s

    Has anyone got any photos of purple GT40s or a suggestion for a purple that would look good on one? Ryan
  4. C

    FS USA Door Eyebrows

    Door Eyebrows, as delivered in raw form from RCR. New, never used/mounted. $90, plus flat-rate shipping from Colorado. From RCR's site...."All GT40s have doors that cut deeply into the roof. At high speed, the doors tend to lift out of the body. These lightweight fiberglass "eyebrows" keep...
  5. gsharapa

    The sound of GT40's and Cobra's In The Morning!

    What great video to watch over a cup of Jo in the morning. Cobra and GT40 - LOUD AMERICAN V8 at Le Mans - YouTube
  6. M

    VIN Plates

    Hi Guys I've been off the forum for quite some time and I see personal messages from years past to me asking for VIN plates. I apologize for the no response but I've been out of the country for years. That said - YES, I still make VIN plates for GT40's. FAV, FoMoCo, JWE...all of them. It's...
  7. Mark IV

    U.S. Vintage Grand Prix "[email protected]"

    It's that time again! While we run this for Superformance owners, other GT40s are welcome to join us. Watkins Glen U.S. Vintage Grand Prix...
  8. S

    Hello World, err GT40s World

    Hello all, I'm joining to become part of the community while learning more about GT40's and prepare myself for a build. I'm leaning towards an RCR kit, but who knows? I come from a long SBF powered history (and parts lol). The GT40 has been a childhood dream I've never grown out of. As far...
  9. P

    The Sussex GT at Goodwood

    Here's a short film I made whilst taking part in this Cobra Drivers Club event, organised by Classic Car tours: You might want to turn your volume up a little.