QBE62G Transaxle

Andy Sheldon

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We are now supplying the latest new version of the QBE62G gearbox. The cost is £8,750 + VAT and this includes the bellhousing to suit the Ford Windsor small block engine. The following details have been provided by Quaife.
Quaife designed the QBE62G to provide a modern, uprated, robust replacement transmission for the ZF DS-25/2 gearbox as used in the Ford GT40, DeTomaso Pantera, BMW M1 and many other mid-engined supercars.
The fitment, major dimensions, gearchange location and shift system used on the Quaife QBE62G replicate the ZF DS-25/2 gearbox, while the five speed ‘H-pattern’ layout and distinctive ‘dog-leg’ first gear location are also retained to ensure authenticity.
Developed in conjunction with a British-based replica manufacturer, Quaife has ensured that the unit’s length allows for easy installation into Ford GT40 type cars, but QBE62G is also suitable for numerous mid-engine replica and kit car applications.
Key engineering details include the use of 85mm shaft centres and an ultra-reliable hypoid crownwheel and pinion, which enables the QBE62G transaxle to handle a maximum recommended 500bhp. Helical gears are included with a synchromesh gear selection, minimising gear noise and ensuring everyday usability.
A Quaife oil pump and clutch lever assembly are available as optional extras.
Key features of the Quaife QBE62G 5-Speed, ‘H’ pattern ZF replacement transaxle gearbox include:-
85mm shaft centres and hypoid crown-wheel and pinion to handle high output engines
REM Superfinished gears as standard
Fitment, major dimensions and gear-change input replicates original ZF DS-25/2
5-speed H-pattern with ‘dog-leg’ 1st, as per original ZF DS-25/2
Standard GT40 or inverted, (3.750 ratio only), De Tomaso fitment
Helical gears and synchromesh gear selection
Quaife ATB differential included in design
Gear Ratios
1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th
2.533 1.619 1.200 0.929 0.742
Final Drive Ratios


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