Quality V belt that will work on Sanden & Roush pulleys?

On my SPF #2107 it has standard v belt pulleys with them being std Roush issue on the 427R engine and a regular powermaster alternator and Sanden compressor. Problem I am having is even though the belts are tight the 31.5 length Gates XL 7315 belt looses chunks of belt within maybe a thousand miles if that. I don't apply the AC at warp 9 to intentionally have the Sanden grab the belt and tear the cogs off the inside but I have had 3 belts on the AC pulley within maybe 6000 miles of moderate driving. The backside of the belt has no issues where it rides on the plastic tensioner and alignment does not appear to be an issue. I can only assume that there is a better quality v belt that I can replace it with. I was looking at Gates fleetrunner 9313HD but it appears to be both too wide and a little long at 31 7/8"

Ian Anderson

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Is the belt Running on the base of the V in the pulleys

I was told that they should be wide enough that they do not sit in the base so I would suggest trying the wider one.


Ian Clark

A picture tells a thousand words... It would be nice to see your belt path and condition of the deceased belts. The belt path must be strait across all pulleys involved with that belt. If there's an offset between the crank and water pump or a/c pump there's a problem. If the a/c pumps' pulley is not square in line with the others (in offset or parallelism to the crankshaft) there's a problem.

If the belt tension is excessive there will be premature water pump and or a/c pump failures. There is no questioning the quality of the Roush engine package or the SPF car itself so I'm stuck without photo evidence or other info to offer more help. The Gates belts are also top shelf parts. This will come done to a misalignment issue IMHO.