I used a firm called Kempston Radiators about six months ago. They did a custom built one for my Dino GT and can supply them in cooper core or full aluminium made to your specification. A family run firm I found them very helpful with a quick turn around (3 days to be exact!!) and the price was very competitive. Their address is:

Kempston Radiators Ltd
2 Sunbeam Road
Woburn Road Industrial Estate
MK42 7BY
United Kingdom
Telephone: +44(0) 1234 852 073
Fax: +44(0) 1234 841 410


I ordered one from Docking too last week - £295+Vat.

Very good rads - the one pictured below (from a GTD) did'nt leak despite about a 9" 'bend' in the middle following an altercation with a 1tonne straw bale!


Lynn Larsen

Lynn Larsen
Charlie M. I went back through your posts trying to figure out what kind of car you needed a radiator for before just bailing off into a recommendation. I finally understand where you are coming from and, with great empathy, can say "that truly sucks!"

As an option to you and/or others, Griffin Radiator has the the specs for the Sabre radiator on file. From memory it is a 12"X24", 3 core, upper right 1½" inlet and adjacent 3/8" bleeder tube, lower left 1½" outlet. Prices vary over the years and, believe it or not, mine was cheaper than the ones sold to Sabre. (Go figure!) I have the mechanical drawings here somewhere if someone wants verification of my CRS handicapped memories, or just get in touch with Griffin. I don't think one can buy a better radiator than they make.

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Thanks Lynn. Yes, I got caught in the RF thing so I decided to put a car together from scratch. I'm sourcing a body locally and designing/fabricating my own space frame. I'm picking up the rest of the components wherever I can. I've also received a lot of help and support from the local guys here in New England.


You mention that you have a Dino GT. Would you be kind enough to send me private mail with a contact number please.

Graham @ GTA.

Lynn Larsen

Lynn Larsen
I have found the schematics to the Sabre radiator if anyone needs them. Unfortunately they are too large to attach and when resized they become unreadable. Email me if you would like a copy.

To correct some inaccuracies below: The core is 12X24" with twin 1.5" cores. Side tanks are two inches wide and overall width is 28". Inlet is upper right and is 1¼" diameter; outlet is lower left and is also 1¼" diameter. The centers of the two connectors are located 1.5" from the bottom and top respectively (9" between centers) and are angled downward at 120° from the vertical as is the bleeder tube. The bleeder tube is located just above and to the left (center is 1.5" from side of the unit) of the inlet. It is located a close to the top as reasonably possible and its circumference is completely on the flat of the side tank.