RBT no reverse

For some reason, I have no reverse gear, nothing external appears to be the problem, the cables are fine,etc.
It will shift into the reverse position, but no gear ? Something has happened internal. Nothing was forced in shifting
sounds to me like you have a shift fork issue. Not really easy to diagnose without actually seeing the internals, but that is what it sounds like to me.

Erik Johnson
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May be a silly question, but have you verified that it is engaging reverse at the gearbox and not just R on the shifter?

I am now dealing with Lloyd and we are shipping the trans-axle to him.
Removal and reinstall are very expensive, but we ran out of options

Tim Kay

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Am I the only dummy that clicked on this thread thinking it read "RBT no reserve" hopeing to find a deal on fleabay!

Hope it works out ok for you Larry.
I too would be curious to find out if this ended up being a bent or mis-aligned fork or if this was something that was more difficult to fix in the end.

Erik Johnson
Thanks, Larry. Same issue with mine although detent pin had fallen out of the cross shaft rather than sheared. Repair in hand now, grateful that it's not a bigger issue. Also gave me a chance to figure out how to pull the transaxle.
I don't want to hijack this thread, but for anyone coming across this, or similar ZF/RBT trans issues in the UK I can't recommend a chap called Paul Fleming in Maldon, Essex highly enough. He sorted me out quickly and clearly is right on top of repairing and servicing them. Happy to pass on his contact details by pm.