Cable shifter pass & length on RCR with ZF DS25

I am moving the stick shift from center to right. My car initially was built to be driven by an english person in England. I am transforming the car for race track, keeping the driver seat on the right and moving the stick shift on right too.
I have trouble with the cables. My gear box is a ZF25. I reinstalled the cable that goes on the back of the gear box and because it has to make a large loop, there is no problem. But for the other cable that arrive on side of the gear box, it seems now too long. May be I may try to make waves in the right back box, or the other option is to buy a new one.
Does somebody may explain me where is the normal pass for the cable with the right mounting shift ?
What is the length you recommand ?
The car is equiped with cable presently for the stick shift in the center. I deassembled everything and I am planning to reinstall the shifter on the right.
The cables seems much more simple than to put link bars, cables may contour parts, bars need a very accurate shape to do the same ? No ?
My car is a RCR, you have better idea or you already built a direct linkage ? Would you have pictures of it ?