Rcr 962

Has anyone built one of the RCR 962 yet? I think it's probably a lot less "street-able" than the RCR40 or SL-C, but... it's a 962! Fran?
I inquired about cost, let's just say that after too much thought and finally recovering from a divorce; my new woman approved a special savings account for the idea.

Also knowing a few guys with real 962's should help; however I understand the chassis is very different e.g. the front of the mono has a tube frame setup along with the rear of the mono.

Howard Jones

Be aware of the low nature of a 962 and for that matter the 956 and most other modern prototypes. At some point they are just too low to be a street car. I am sure the front lift system helps but..........well just be for warned. And fully informed.
I’m planning to visit RCR in the next month or so to discuss with Fran. I’m considering a full-on race spec 962 for NASA SU. Big question would be what drivetrain to use as my guess is the 962 engine bay will be tight for many engines
Remember there is a lot of room lengthwise, the 'stock' 962 setup has at least 12'' of bellhousing stuck between the engine and the gearbox.
I couldn’t believe this guy would allow Jay to put miles onto a 0 mile car. I have no idea what it does to the depreciation but them were some pricey miles!!
Considering it was Jay Leno driving it and it was on film, it may increase the value! I remember this car when it was new, I still have a magazine with an article on this car. I saw the 962c's race at Charlotte Motor Speedway in the 80's, we would camp in the infield where the cars came off the oval and entered the infield section of the track. They would spit flames a foot long under deceleration, way cool memories.
I was looking at the RCR 962 a few years ago, The engine combo that fits is the Corvette C6 drivetrain minus the driveshaft. I manged to be able to get the Car to fit all the Connecticut state laws (of which there are many) except for two; Headlights, which are under the min height rules and the windshield, which is not DOT. Supposedly there is UK glass company that does have the fixture to make a legal windshield, however it may run you more than the entire drivetrain costs. You could, like other have mentioned in other threads, use Montana to register, but be warned that states have found out about this practice. It seems it was a favorite ploy of people with expensive Motor Coaches and exotic cars. States are targeting Montana plates for a traffic stops on those types of cars.
very interesting. didn't know Fran makes also this legend.
Wonder if it is possible to have also in long tail /imsa config.
This car is one of my fav racer ever. I've recently seen an original racing in Monza and I was so impressed how old fashion looks the alu monocoque of this car (rivets and screw allover...I should search my pic about this).
Always too nice to see her running on fast tracks as my Monza is.

very cool as usual from RCR. love it.