1. C

    Looking closer at this engine option

    So I'm approaching my timeline to buy engine and transmission. I have NOT ordered the car yet. I think Im pretty set on Graziano based on conversations with Fran. (I dont want to go above 1000HP at any point during the life of the car). My personal preference is to get a 427 in some...
  2. C

    Anyone know what this is used for? I am looking for a digital mockup program to try different paintjobs
  3. M

    ***SOLD*** LS3 RCR Superlite for Sale ***SOLD***

    Up for sale is a [roughly] 90% finished RCR Superlite. I purchased the car in the summer of 2020 from a gentleman by the name of Colin Dalzell who is known as Dazzle here on the forum. Copied and pasted below is a majority of his for sale post with details regarding the car along with a few...
  4. PeteB

    SL-C For Sale

    My SL-C is listed in the classifieds section: This section of the forum seems to get more traffic, so I thought I'd post a link here.
  5. PeteB

    SL-C Video

    A couple of local automotive photographers are starting their own on-line magazine. The first feature they're doing is on my SL-C. They're still working on the full video, but they just posted a nice trailer Shutterfuel - 480HP. 2500 LBS. HAND BUILT. ALL SUPERCAR...
  6. Joystick

    Scandinavian SL-C build

    Hello forum members,a short intro, my name is Johan, live in Sweden and I received my SL-C a week before cristmas last year. Back in the middle of the -80 I lived in the US for almost three years. During the initial period I shared an apartment with an american guy who later became my best...
  7. S

    Research phase of SL-C build- New user

    Hello everyone! I joined a month ago and was looking for some insight. I am researching a strange and custom build for track use only. I have a few ideas in mind, and wanted to see If I can cancel some of them out with some of the vast experience here on the forum. I will start out with I am...
  8. T

    Kit Car Builder & Forum Sponsor Checking In!

    Hello All, My name is Tino and I'm excited to be here! It almost reads like an AA meeting intro, doesn't it? :drunk: I was born into the kit car world about 6.5 years ago when stumbling upon a second hand GTM Gen. 1 build in the Toronto area. At the time it had been my goal to restore a...
  9. AllanSLC

    Race Tail wing uprights

    Does any one have a set of race tail wing uprights that I could "borrow" for a couple of months so that I can finish up an SL-C? Please PM me if you can spare them for awhile. Thanks, Allan
  10. D

    Potential UK SL-C build

    Hi all, Seriously considering an SL-C project in the UK Built a few cars and race cars in my time - mainly Honda race and track cars recently a race Honda NSX Need a new challenge, so a V8 or V10 (Audi V8/10 or Mas/Fer F136 powered) SL-C fits the bill Hoping to find another UK SL-C owner...
  11. D

    Any UK based SLC owners?

    Have been lurking for a while. Im seriously contemplating an SL-C build here in the UK. I was wondering if there were any SL-C build owners in the UK who could answer a few questions? Cheers Mike
  12. D

    Rcr 962

    Has anyone built one of the RCR 962 yet? I think it's probably a lot less "street-able" than the RCR40 or SL-C, but... it's a 962! Fran?
  13. J

    Check out new SL-C Race car in SL-C Clubhouse

  14. J

    New SL-C runs Road America

    We gave Ted Harrison at Quick Racing Products a recipe to build usa new race only SL-C. And what a job Ted and Don did. We specified: Schwartz performance 670 HP LS7 tuned by Nils at Castillo Motorsports Tilton 7-1/4 triple metallic clutch w/ hyd release bearing custom flywheel(Aasco...
  15. M

    SL-C Side Skirts Question

    Does anyone have a picture or instructions on how to fit/mount the side skirts on an SL-C. Couldn't find it in the manual or the wiki. I received what I believe to be both sides molded in one piece that it appears needs to be cut in half to install.
  16. P-nut

    Superlite SL-C dominates at Pittsburgh Vintage Grand Prix

    Dan Raver piloted his newly-rebuilt SL-C to a convincing win last weekend at the PVGP at Pitt Race. Starting from the pole position, he set the fastest lap of the weekend (a blistering 1:42.5) on the way to winning the race on Sunday. Congrats to Dan, Raver Motorsports, and Agile Auto!
  17. PeteB

    Anyone corner balance your SL-C?

    People are always asking how much my car weighs, so I was thinking about getting it weighed. If I'm going to do that, might as well corner balance it also. What is the optimal F/R distribution for a SL-C? Anyone done it?
  18. H

    How to build a Superlite that's actually super-light

    OK, sure, 2500 pounds is pretty light for a production street car, but it's pretty heavy for a race car. I'm wondering how light one could build an SL-C? Horse-power can't make up for weight. I think Colin Chapman had the right idea back in the 60's with the Lotus 23--1,000 pounds and 150...
  19. R

    Financing an SL-C ???

    i know typically you would have to get a personal loan to obtain an SLC, or go through an exotic car loan company to get one such as woodside credit, or JJ best, or any of those avenues, but the SLC come with a vin number, so shouldnt i be able to use a traditional auto loan to finance a SL-C...
  20. E

    SL-C colors

    Are there any pictures of the SL-C in colors other than black or yellow? Happy New Year to all!