RCR Ferrari P-4 has entered the building

The P-4 is here (Metal-morphous Inc) We are going to aluminum plate the underside of the visible panels like we did to the coupe pictured and while it's here we will be doing the body and paint.
My first impression of the RCR quality is WOW,, my second impression is WOW!! Outstanding fabrication and wielding, the glass work is well thought out and from what I know about ferrari P-4s Frans body seems to be very accurate. I'm allocating 40 percent of the our time in getting panels lined up and proper gaps but compared to the complexity of the GT-40 this should be easier. Ill be posting photos of our progress and welcome any helpful criticizm

Ron Randall


Fran Hall RCR

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Hi Ron...

looking forward to seeing how the aluminum plating looks on the panels...very exciting...

Thanks for the compliments too....
Oh and this is what is being shoe horned into the engine bay:shocked2:

Fran once I'm finished with these Ferraris I think I make some room for a nice GT-40,

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Trevor Booth

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F101AC engine used in 365 GTC and 365 GT4 with 6x 38DCOE carbs. 4400 cc
Later model of this engine was used in 400.

Same basic engine still used in Various V12 Front Engined cars
What usually is somewhat of a nightmare ( panel alinement and gaps) turned out to be very easy on the RCR p-4. Once we had everything in place I was very surprised how well the gaps looked right out of the box (Photos) With the gaps looking this good it will not take much time to tweak them to 3/16"
We are finishing up the bodywork on the roof that needed to be filled to our customers spec but it also allows us to get a real nice door fit at the roof line.
Fran when you said working on your P-4 was a little easier than your GT-40 had no idea how much easier:shy:
More photos soon.


I ran into somewhat of a snag,,, The hinge that is supplied with the P-4 also is used on the RCR GT-40 and is MORE than strong enough for both car. The problem is that no matter how we try to get this hinge to fit it just seem to be too tall. If installed without major modification it will stick out the face of the door:cry: After doing some research I found a photo that show what seems to be a different hinge ( photo 2) that was supplied at one time. Can anyone show me what type and installation of the door hinge. Any help on this would be more than appreciated


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Fran to the rescue!!!
Fran knows that Im in the market for his GT-40 so I think he is teasing me by sending me a few GT-40 parts for me to drool on :thumbsup:

This is the correct door hinge and install NICE!!
Hi Ron,

As a fellow P4 builder (although not an RCR), I bid you welcome Sir. Always good to have another P4 in the house! :)


Nice Engine btw. What trans do you plan on using?
The body work is completed and we have let the fillers out gas for a a few weeks, now it time to apply a few coats of our polyester gel-coat. I will say that RCR bodies have more gel-coat than any fiberglass bodies we work on,, I could get away with out applying more but old habits are hard to break and I still like to lock down the plastic fillers before applying urethane primer.


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The gel-coat has been applied and now we wait:rolleyes:
This stuff takes the min. of 7 day to out gas,,, now what should I work on in the meantime??

F101AC engine used in 365 GTC and 365 GT4 with 6x 38DCOE carbs. 4400 cc
Later model of this engine was used in 400.

Same basic engine still used in Various V12 Front Engined cars
In factory trim:

Hard to see in the picture, but there's tiny little vacuum lines and worm gear clamps everywhere...On a 72 Ferrari, that's scary...lol :laugh:
Bill we use a product call Fiber glast 186 with our special sauce added :shy:

The Gel coat has out gassed and urethane primer applied.
we let that out gas for a 7 days and today we applied a guided coat. The final sanding step was started today and it will not be long before the base color is applied.
More photos soon

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Jack that product is made for boat repair and will make the gel coat way to glossy for what we do.

Hey Fran,,, I'm starting to like this P4 in zebra stripes but Im not sure if I could sell that to Ron:laugh:
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I know,, How unusually to see a RED Ferrari,, But they just look so good red :coolgleam:
We will let this out gas for a week or so before we make it really shine