Well, due to unforseen financial obligations, I was bumped out of the RF Kit's price range. I've instead decided to put a down payment on one of Fran's RCR kits (much more affordable for me). I'm all for trading some sweat equity for a cheaper buy-in to the GT-40 replica hobby. Fran has been extremely helpful in providing information about his products.

I also wanted to take a chance to thank Hersh for the great information he provided me while considering the RF kit.

Anyway, I'll be sure to document my progress on a new website I will be creating during the build (and also in the builders' forum).

Anyone else buying a RCR kit?
...hopefully I won't pester Fran so much that he bumps my delivery date back to Christmas. /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/smile.gif
Thanks, Dan.

I'm about to hang a few new fluorescent light fixtures in my garage today. I might even re-paint the floor before I get started. Nothing like a nice clean area to work in.

We'll probably take delivery a few months from now, possibly early summertime.

What was the old proverb?

We do three kinds of jobs, cheap, quick, and good.
You can have any two:
A good, quick job-won't be cheap.
A good job, cheap-won't be quick.
A cheap job, quick-won't be good.

I'm planning on running a G50 transmission with a 302 or 331 small block.
THANKS to our great forum and the wealth of knowlegde here RCR has been able to commit to five customers for GT40's and one for a T70 .
We are currently manufacturing all parts in batches of five car sets at a time.
The result of this is a little longer lead time for the first car delivery but much faster for the next four.

Currently any cars ordered from now will have a delivery date starting at the end of July.

We have developed the list of parts that we can supply to make it even easier for people to build their dream car.
We can also offer billet front uprights and tubular arms to match our rear pieces for a very similar price to buying and refurbishing C4 Corvette components....this option has been chosen by most buyers at this point.

I have to say I am very happy with the response from everyone interested in our cars .

We are also developing a couple more cars to add to our line up the Lancia Stratos being one and the other has already been mentioned on the forum very recently......P4.
Their future depends upon response from posible buyers to prove their viabilty.....

The monocoque chassis is also progressing nicely and will hopefully be ready veiwing at Carlisle.

Obviously we are very busy and I aim to keep all the cars in a similar price range as our current ones.....quality cars without premium prices will always be the goal.

Thanks again to everyone for their comments positive and otherwise,keep them coming as your input is greatly appreciated to help us provide what you want to buy.

Ron McCall

Sounds like everything is moving along nicely.I can't wait to see one! Will you be at Carlisle?
Will you have a completed car there?
Is the molding process and thickness the same as your T-70 body?
Can you e-mail me some up to date pictures and
a list of the parts you can supply along with the kit.
please sit down and take a few deep breaths.........I would hate to lose a potential customer from a heart attack. /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/grin.gif


Can't help but wonder if you are receiving my replies to your requests for VIN Plates since I've had no response from you on them.

Please advise,


We are also developing a couple more cars to add to our line up the Lancia Stratos being one..

[/ QUOTE ]

Wow, Fran, Lancia Stratos, that will be cool to see, I'm assuming the same type of transverse mounting for the engine...? Rally version and/or the later Stratos Turbo version for Group 5 with all the nice aero bits added...

Pardon me while I take a breath here.

See you at Carlisle!!!

Rick /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/smile.gif
Good morning.

I have a standard body with separate Group 4 arches..

Alfa 164 V6 transverse engine configuration...

I know its an oddball but I love them ......I hope others do too...at least enough to buy one /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/wink.gif

Chris Kouba


Do you do requests? I have always considered the Porsche 956/962 the (somewhat) modern-day GT40. Would that be something you could pull off in the same price range?


Oh boy! Now you're talking my language!

Please Fran! Pretty please!

There's a Canadian gent(Derek Smith), who has built a few

VERY accurate 962 replicas(mono & space frame).

He doesn't offer them for sale to the general public, but

does sell some parts(original & of his own manufacture).

From the looks of his cars, I would imagine that an

original would be similar in price!

Check out Derek's site at www3.telus.net/962/

His work is VERY impressive!

Derek is also currently working on a 904 project.


I have been offered some very interesting cars to pull moulds off recently but unfortunately the commitment to making body molds , glass molds and then developing the rest of the components is a massive undertaking......and very expensive.

Another issue is public demand....for a very specialised product originality becomes an issue and most potential buyers would want originality in construction due to rarity....

I am concentrating on the products I currently have in development as they are my dream cars and this is a passion for me too.
I am going to keep all my kits at an affordable price point
although this will vary a little from car to car but only due to development costs ,not profit margins.... /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/wink.gif

I have spoken with Derek a few times and his work is superb and his pricing high but he doesn't build his cars to sell...he just sold a superb G50 box with sequential shift for $15k US...expnsive but alot of his time and money went into developing it.
I'm gonna steal this thread back for a minute. /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/wink.gif

I scooped up a freshly rebuilt GT-40P motor for my car. I'd like to give the heads a shot and see how they work. I may just add some 1.7 ratio roller rockers and check my valve clearance rather than install a new cam (I think it's a B303 cam now.)

Would this be a good idea or should I just go with the E303 roller cam?

Also, what intake manifold would be a good port match for these heads?

*EDIT* Since I have some time before I take delivery of the kit, does anyone have any recommendations for literature or how-to manuals for porting / polishing the heads? I don't have the exhaust flanges yet, but I can work on the intake ports once I buy an intake.

Thanks in advance.

Hi Michael, I may have a F303 cam available if your interested. Its brand new, never ran. Price will be right.
(Slightly rougher idle than E303. More mid-range and top-end power than E303. Duration (.500 lobe): 226°/226° Gross Lift: .512"/.512" ) according to fords website.Drop me a email . Regards , Dan