RCR MKl for Sale **SOLD**

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Michael Holmes

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YFor Sale RCR Mkl

Built in 2007 by Bill Pinzini, acquired by Michael Holmes of Racing Division, Inc. El Segundo 2010. Car has approximately 7500 miles. RCR gauges have been replaced by custom ‘smith’ style SpeedHut gauges. This is a road legal under California’s SB100 program. Condition of the car is good, with patina. This car is driven and tracked and shows it. Not a perfect show car, but a great GT that everyone loves to see.

Interior is based on Colin Comer’s Road Coupe P/1043 and installed by Luis Loyola, Loyola Auto Interiors. Los Angeles.

Engine is a true 1965 VIN stamped K-Code Hipo 289 out of the 1965 Shelby GT350 5S003. I acquired the motor when owner Mark Hovander decided to restore 003 back to street trim.

Transmission is Audi 016 transaxle, which has performed nicely with this motor.

Will consider offers $68,000. Would consider selling minus engine and transmission. Also would consider repainting the car (would provide estimate) to owner’s scheme before delivery.

Car is located near LAX airport.

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Re: RCR MKl for Sale

Michael - Would you be interested in a trade? I know you took this in trade for your Shelby Mustang Replica back in the day - but how about another make? '68 Chevrolet Camaro - Pro-touring build.

If interested I can send you the specs. Couple pictures attached.



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