Last year, the producers of the TV series "Mobil 1- The Grid" came to Detroit to film a segment on Race Car Replicas. The video is up on their site here. Check it out! Some cool pics of a MKIV in the segment as well as a number of other RCR and Superlite cars.
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Larry L.

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Can you give us a 'wee report' on what fills the engine bay of the Turbo SL-C over your left shoulder at various times in the vid...such as about 1:00 and 1:30?

'Very intriguing!
Nice. That twin turbo SL-C looks interesting too. It's a shame that Fran's pronunciation is being Americanised though ..
Very cool some more of my reservations about my future purchase are put to rest. Since I have never met Fran I had a totally different mental picture of him in my head. Voice I had about dead on.

Thanks for sharing Will